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2019’s Top Picks

As I reflect on 2019 I wanted to look back at the content we’ve gone through and pick out a few of my favorite topics from the last year. I’ve decided to pick 3 articles that I think are the most important ones to read if you haven’t already, and the most important ones to read again if you already have.

We all want to go into 2020 continuing the process of becoming the best version of ourselves, and I truly believe the 3 articles I’ve picked out will help in that process. I’ll try to give a very brief synopsis of each so you know what you’re getting into. Let’s get into it

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Top 3 Influential Gentleman articles to read before crushing 2020:

The Power of the Sauna
In this article you’ll learn the amazing benefits that a daily (or couple times a week) sauna can do for you. We’re talking improved skin, better protein synthesis, more efficient oxygen transportation throughout the body, and so much more. This is number one on my list because quite honestly the sauna is life changing. I highly suggest diving into this article.


Blue Light Glasses
I’ve been using blue light glasses since fairly early 2019, and they’ve made a huge difference. Reduction in eye strain and the improved sleep are the two major benefits from blue light glasses. Plus, with their rise in popularity, you can buy these from major glasses retailers as well as other fashionable brands to look good while partaking in their benefits. I may even have a link or two in my article for a couple brands, and one may even have a discount code.


Drink Water!
This one is a must read. Too many people still don’t understand how important staying hydrated is. Been feeling sick a lot? Drink water! Low energy? Drink water! This article is packed full of benefits to keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day. Honestly this may be the most important article I wrote all year, and I did it on a whim because a friend of mine wasn’t staying hydrated and it was making me furious. Check it out!



There you have it! Three articles that you’ll want to look into to start your 2020 off right with a few ways to improve yourself that are simple and reliable. Not much more that needs to be said. Read them! I truly hope the best for everyone this year. Whether you had a great 2019 or a rough one, 2020 is a fresh start and exciting new experiences await.

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