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Entertainment of the Week: May 7th – 13th

NBA Game of the Week: Celtics at Sixers
If you’re from Philadelphia, you’re clearly disappointed and probably a bit dumbfounded at how the Sixers are completely struggling against the Celtics this series, especially considering Boston is without their best player all season in Kyrie Irving. You have to hand it to them. Their young squad came in with a game plan to shut down Ben Simmons and have executed it brilliantly, holding Simmons to abysmally low numbers for the first 3 games. The series may be out of reach for this young Philly team, but they owe it to the fans to at least have one good showing. Game 4 at home I expect to be just that. Tune in to TNT Monday, May 7th at 6:00 pm.


Premier League Game of the Week: Southampton at Swansea
European soccer has a great structure in that there are real consequences for being one of the worst teams in the league. If you finish bottom 3 in the Premier League, you are relegated to the second division (and subsequently replaced by the top 3 from that division). With two games left, Southampton and Swansea are tied with 33 points, which puts them at 4th and 3rd to last, respectively. This game very well could decide who stays in the Premier League and who is relegated to the second division. There is more than pride at stake here. Since you’re not playing the best teams in England, you’re missing out on serious financial profits. Plus, you probably have to sell some of your best players to teams in the top division. So, there’s a lot to be played for here. Tune into NBC Sports at 2:45 pm on Tuesday, May 8th.


NHL Game of the Week: Capitals at Penguins
If you don’t have DVR you’d better be fast on the “last” button to go back and forth between our NBA game of the Week and this NHL game between Washington and Pittsburgh. These teams have met a few times and Pittsburgh has always bested Washington in the playoffs, but this year Washington has a 3-2 lead going into game 6 at Pittsburgh. Surely they’ll be looking to close out this series with some sweet revenge on Pittsburgh’s home ice. Look for high intensity from Ovechkin and the Caps as Ovi seeks to keep pushing to his first Stanley Cup appearance and solidify himself as one of the greatest players of our generation. Tune in 7:00 pm on Monday, May 7th on NBS Sports.



MLB Game of the Week: Mets at Phillies
Division rivalries are always great to watch, and there is certainly a strong rivalry between the Mets and the Phillies. I’ve personally witnessed plenty of fights at Citizen’s Bank Park, so I’d anticipate a great atmosphere for this one. After a rough start for the Phillies and a great start for the Mets, these teams are now separated by only half of a point in their division, with the Phillies actually in 2nd, behind the Braves. You’ll see Matz vs Arrieta in this one. Tune in to ESPN at 7:05 pm Friday, May 11th.



Movie recommendation of the Week: Tully
I like when a movie comes out and you can predict right off the bat that there will be Academy Award nominations coming from it. Charlize Theron plays a mother of three who is gifted a night nanny named Tully to help with her newborn child. Charlize’s character, Marlo, goes from believing the extra help to be an extravagance to forming a strong and unique bond with her nanny. Charlize transforms her body for this movie, which a lot of times leads to an acting nomination in the upcoming award season. That on top of the obvious fact that Charlize Theron is an already Academy Award-winning actress and you can bet you’ll find a moving performance in Tully.

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