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Step Up Your Jean Game

If you’re a human being then I can pretty much guarantee that you wear jeans. As men, we’ve probably all gone through the stage where we really don’t care about different styles of jeans. Instead, we just go to a store like Kohl’s, see if any have discounts, and get a cheap pair that fit our waist size. Unfortunately we really can’t afford to continue on with this purchasing technique.

Style is evolving across all age groups. Even 10 year olds nowadays have solid fades and well thought out outfits. This is in stark contrast to my 10 year old self, who wore oversized t-shirts, athletic shorts, and transitioned from the summer buzz cut to the winter bowl cut. Whether we like it or not, people are more stylish now than ever before, which means if you are unwilling to update your style, you’ll without a doubt be left behind.

So today we’re going to dial it back to one of the more basic articles of clothing: jeans. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you that it’s necessary to break the bank for jeans that look good, because that is not true at all. The last 3 pairs of jeans I’ve gotten have cost me a combined $80.00. That of course is largely in part to the fact that two of those pairs were bought at Marshall’s, which if you get lucky, is the greatest clothing store on the planet. 

What it comes down to is getting something with a solid fit. Yes the baggy jeans that look terrible may fit like pajama pants and be more comfortable, but they’re not going to get you any compliments. If you’re reading this then obviously style is something you either care about or want to improve, and unfortunately sometimes marginal comfort is sacrificed for aesthetics. That’s just reality.

Most jean companies use the same wording for their styles of jeans. So you’re going to want to choose between one of 3 acceptable options: straight fit, slim fit, skinny fit. If you’ve been reading other content on my blog and keeping yourself in shape, I recommend slim fit. That’s going to give you a look kind of comfortably contours your legs from top to bottom, getting naturally thinner as you go from the thighs to the calves. 

If you really want to hug the legs the entire way down, skinny fit may be the right option for you. These will certainly be less comfortable, as you’re really going to be dealing with tightness here. If your legs are smaller though this is a very viable option.

Now if you’re a little bigger or if the tightness of skinny/slim fit is too much for you, straight fit is perfectly acceptable as well. It still will give you a fashionable look and won’t come off as overly baggy. The look you never want is for baggy jeans to flare out and/or cover up your shoes at the bottom. There has to be some tapering off there.

That’s really all there is to say. You can find good jeans usually from 30-60 dollars. Anything over that and honestly you’re just paying for the moment when someone asks where you got them and you can flex the brand. I was in NY a few weekends ago and I saw H&M jeans for $50, Calvin Klein jeans at Macy’s for $40, and a good amount of other options around those prices. Or, like me, you can try out Marshall’s, where you can find designer jeans discounted down sometimes under $20. The place is incredible. 

There’s no need to break the bank, but you want to have one of the most staple pieces of your wardrobe be fashionable, or else your outfits will always fail to impress regardless of what your top is. No more Walmart or Costco brand jeans. Time to dress like a gentleman.

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