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Deck of Cards Partner Push-up Workout

Hey everyone. I wanted to share a fun workout you can do with a partner that works great on the weekend or a day that you don’t necessarily want to take a trip to the gym (we all know these days happen). For the basic workout, all you need is a deck of cards, a partner, and the ground.

So what you’re going to do is put your deck of cards down and alternate drawing the cards between you and your partner. The card will tell you the amount of push-ups you’re going to be doing, as well as what style you’ll be doing. This can be as complicated as you want it but I’ll just go over the simple version.

Card Values
Cards 2-10: You’ll be doing whatever amount you see on these cards
Jack: 11 push-ups
Queen: 12 push-ups
King: 13 push-ups
Ace: 15 push-ups

Card Colors
This is where you can change it up if you want, but again I’ll do the most basic. Black cards are wide push-ups, red cards are narrow push-ups. Nice and simple.

Rest Time
Obviously we’re all at different levels, so my suggestions may not be realistic for beginners. What you eventually want to build up to is resting only when your partner is completing their turn. That means you pull a 7 and do 7 push-ups. They pull a 10 when you are finished, and you rest while they do their 10. Then when you pull a Jack they then rest during your 11 push-ups, and so on and so forth.

Try it out and track your improvement
I thoroughly enjoy this workout, because I find it to be a fun way to get a quick session in, and also solid inspiration between you and your partner. You’re both pushing each other to get your reps in each time, which is especially important as the deck gets smaller and smaller.

Also, it’s never the same workout. Every card is different so you can do this workout hundreds of times and it will change each time. Your reps of narrow versus wide will change. You may get higher cards towards the beginning or towards the end. Total reps will change. It’s a surprisingly dynamic workout that can hit you differently every time you do it.

For beginners especially, it’s an easy workout to track improvement. The first time you may take extra rest and not even be able to complete the whole workout. Each time you partake you’ll be able to do more and more reps, and rest less and less.

I encourage you to try it out. Find a partner this week and see if you can complete it. If you’re advanced it shouldn’t be too difficult, but may surprise you when you’re doing a ton of reps in such a short amount of time. Have fun with it!

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A wonderful job. Super helpful inmforation.

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