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Entertainment of the Week: February 17th – 23rd

NBA Game of the Week: Celtics at Timberwolves
You may find it interesting or confusing why I’ve chosen this game as my matchup of the week. First off, the Celtics are third in the East and putting together a great season despite the doubts that Kemba Walker could lead the team as a starting point guard. He has silenced the haters completely, and helped head a solid squad this season. The reason I’ve included a game with the team currently 2nd to last place in the West (Timberwolves) is that they recently picked up D’Angelo Russel. DLo and KAT (Karl Anthony Towns) are very good friends that actually played each other in high school, and went 1 and 2 in their draft class. This should fix the chemistry issues that have plagued the Timberwolves for a long time, and hopefully give them a resurgence this season. I’m excited to see how they play together and if there is potential to turn their year around. Tune in Friday at 8 for this one.



NHL Game of the Week: Penguins at Capitals
These two teams have been towards the top of the Eastern Conference for what seems to be well over a decade. Currently they are 3rd (Pittsburgh) and 4th (Washington) in the East, and looking to make strong pushes towards solid playoff spots. Sydney Crosby of the Penguins and Alexander Ovechkin of the Capitals are still two of the most electrifying players in the game, so whenever these two meet it’s bound to be an exciting contest. Ovechkin is also chasing Wayne Gretzky’s record of most career goals, and has closed in within 200 of the top spot. Now, as a huge Gretzky fan I don’t want him to get anywhere near it. However, Ovi has been on a tear this season and looks to be motivated to make a truly lasting mark on the NHL. He’s the only active player in the top 20 in career goals and legitimately has a chance. See if he can inch closer Sunday at 12 pm on NBC.




Premier League Game of the Week: Tottenham at Chelsea
Chelsea and Tottenham are currently 4th and 5th respectively and will likely be competing hard for that top 4 spot the rest of the season. Tottenham is in an interesting position. Their two best goal scorers are out for a while (Kane and Son), they’ve recently lost their best playmaker and one of the best assist men in the Premier League (Eriksen), but they’ve recently acquired famed coach Jose Mourinho and have won 3 of their last 5 (one tie and one loss in that stretch). Chelsea have been fairly consistent and are getting solid performances out of American wonderkid Christian Pulisic. I expect a hard fought game, the winner of which will take command of the fourth spot in the Premier League. If you’re an early riser, tune in Saturday at 7:30 am for this one.



Movie Recommendation: Sonic
Sony spent millions of dollars changing the appearance of Sonic because of backlash from the gaming community. Now, the backlash was 100% warranted as the little hedgehog looked ridiculously dumb. However, it’s still something that should be commended because they could have just told everyone to bugger off and kept their design. Because of this loyalty to the fan base, I think it’s a nice response for all you old Sega gamers out there to support the film. Also, last weekend Sonic had the highest opening weekend of all time for a videogame-based movie. Pretty impressive. If you played Sega as a kid, and have kids, this could be a fun opportunity to show them a fun part of your childhood. Just sayin’. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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