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Entertainment of the Week: January 18th – 24th

NFL: Bills at Chiefs
To be fair, both of the games this weekend should be watched. I know that the NFC championship isn’t going to get too much love in this article, but that’s a great game that potentially could be the last playoff clash between two all-time great quarterbacks. However, I’m picking the AFC championship for my game of the week because I’m really excited to see if the Buffalo Bills can get to that next level against the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. There may be some controversy in the quarterback position for the Chiefs after Patrick Mahomes was sidelined late in the game, but I’d imagine he’ll be back and ready to get his team back to a second straight Super Bowl. The Bills are still the most exciting story of the year (with a slight edge over Brady’s first year with the Buccaneers), and I think 99% of the country wants them to upset the Chiefs this weekend. Josh Allen will look to prove that he may be the NFL’s long term new quarterback stud. He’ll lead a hungry squad backed by the Bills Mafia fanbase. I expect a much more exciting offensive battle in this one than the Bills 17-3 snooze-fest last week. Tune in Sunday, January 24th at 6:40 pm for the AFC Championship game between the Bills and Chiefs.

NBA: Celtics at Sixers
If you haven’t noticed in my previous picks for games of the week: I love rivalries. There aren’t many rivalries in the NBA stronger than the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers. I’ve seen tons of regular season and playoff games that have had intense battles, epic comebacks, and overall non-stop excitement from start to finish. I expect this one to be no different. Sixers fans are hit with plenty of sour feelings every time Jayson Tatum puts up a big game against them, knowing that he could have been drafted by the Sixers instead of all-time flop Markell Fultz. Both teams are doing very well to start the season, so this could be a nice playoff matchup preview. Check out this rivalry game Wednesday, January¬† 20th at 7:00 pm


NHL: Capitals at Penguins
I will almost always pick this matchup when I see that the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins are playing each other during the week in question. Crosby versus Ovechkin, two players that will go down as all-time greats, is a head to head that 100% of time leads to awesome games. Close calls or blowout wins, any scenario you can draw up will be fun to watch. As these two get into the twilight years of their careers, Crosby and Ovechkin continue to put up great numbers and re-establish over and over again why they are two of the top players in a league filled with young talent. For this one, I expect a close game decided by one or two goals. I’ll even so much as guarantee that both the aforementioned players will find themselves on the scoresheet. See if I’m right Tuesday, January 19th at 7:00 pm.


Premier League: Chelsea at Leicester
I need to formally apologize for the game I picked last week. While technically I was right again with a close game and a tie prediction, we want to see goals in these Premier League games of the week. I’m trying to get more people to like soccer, not add to the long-standing stereotype of soccer being a boring sport. So again, I am very sorry. So how do we recover? We recover with a game that has significant importance between two teams that usually put up goals. Leicester has one of the best goal-scorers in the Premier League in Jamie Vardy. I saw a quote the other day that Vardy doesn’t care for lifting weights and prefers to smoke often and drink lots of Redbull. I find that hilarious being that he’s one of the best players in the world . Vardy is known for scoring against big clubs, and I’d bet for him to find the back of the net in this contest. Leicester is 3rd in the league right now and wants to stay towards the top. A win will obviously help that. Chelsea is 6 points behind Leicester and desperate to stay in contention. Tuesday, January 19th at 3:15 pm


Netflix Movie of the Week: Beasts of No Nation
Alright so I need to ad a disclaimer on this movie. Beasts of No Nation is heavy. It’s a story of an unnamed African nation ravaged by civil war, with one side heavily recruiting children to serve in their militia. So not only does this movie have a fair amount of violence, a lot of it does involve children. However the movie is incredibly well made and serves very well in bringing light to a violent and terrible issue that is still prevalent in the world today. Because of that, as well as a great performance by Idris Elba that should have given him an Oscar nominee (he was a very well agreed upon snub), it gets a recommendation as the Netflix movie of the week. If you want to see a powerful movie and are ok with a bit of violence and discomfort, this is a great movie for that. There is a story of redemption and recovery within the difficulty, so don’t be too dismayed. Check this movie out and let me know what you think.

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