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Entertainment of the Week: January 27th – February 2nd

NFL Game of the Week: Superbowl 54 – 49ers vs Chiefs
We’ve finally arrived to the final NFL game of the season. This will be particularly sweet if you attempted to endure the Pro Bowl last weekend and are in desperate need of a real football game once again. If you knew me, you’d know that I have had very adamant feelings about both of these teams. I was a serious doubter of the 49ers for the first, maybe, 10 weeks of the season. I refused to believe they were as good as they were playing. I now am on board with them. As someone born in Northern California it feels right.
Also I’ll be honest: I do not like the Chiefs. Part of it is because as a long time Eagles fan I don’t want to see Andy Reid win (Philly is pretty split on this sentiment). But mostly, I can’t stand Mahomes. I think he’s carried by having a solid offensive line and the fastest wide receivers in the NFL. Plenty of NFL quarterbacks could put up his numbers if they had decent mobility, an O-Line that gives him 14 seconds to throw, and receivers that can outrun any defensive backs in the NFL. I’m hoping the dominant San Fran defense gives him a rough time this week. I’m going with 49ers to win 38-31.
Because the NFL (and Award show academies) still hate us, tune in Sunday, February 2nd at 6:30 pm on Fox for Superbowl 54.


NBA Game of the Week: Jazz at Nuggets
Fans of the NBA had a huge shock this week as Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and 7 others tragically passed in a helicopter accident on Sunday. Kobe was not just one of the best players of all time, but had an unmatched mentality and competitive edge. With his passing the NBA decided to postpone what I initially planned as my game of the week, Lakers v Clippers, until a later date. That being said, the Nuggets and Jazz are both currently 32-14 and sit at 3rd and 4th respectively in a tough Western Conference. Both teams are playing very good basketball the last few weeks and will be at the top of their game going into this matchup. I expect high intensity from start to finish. Check this one out Thursday on TNT at 10:30 pm.



NHL Game of the Week: Blues at Oilers
The defending Stanley Cup champions head to Canada to take on what is still one of the most exciting teams in the NHL. Connor McDavid looks to defend home ice against a Blues team that is on a bit of a cold streak, having lost 3 in a row and only winning 4 of the last 10. There will be plenty of goals in this one I’d wager. Tune in Friday at 9 pm.




Premier League Game of the Week: Chelsea at Leicester City
I’ll start off this summary by saying that regardless of what game I put as the Premier League matchup of the week, you should still watch Liverpool. They really should go undefeated in the Premier League this season and that’s quite simply remarkable. They play beautiful soccer and are one of the most well-rounded teams ever.
Now for this matchup though we have the 2nd and 4th place teams in the Premier League. Any matchup of two top 4 teams should always be considered a fun fixture to watch. Chelsea has been fairly inconsistent this season against top teams, but will surely be on their best form for this one as they travel to Leicester. Leicester is always exciting. Ever since their historic league win I feel like everyone roots for them, and I’d love to see them finish 2nd this year. Vardy is as electric as ever, and I wouldn’t be against him to put one or two away this weekend. If you’re an early bird, check this game out Saturday at 7:30 am on NBC Sports.



Movie Recommendation: 1917
If you’re into historical movies based on wars, this is one I’m sure you’ll want to see. I’ll be honest though, I’ve heard conflicting reviews. Two men in the locker room at my gym argued about it, one saying it was the best movie they’ve seen in years, the other saying it wasn’t good at all and a waste of money. These mixed reviews have me thinking that I’ll surely wait until after it comes out on demand, but if you’re not afraid of mixed reviews then check it out! Drop a comment as well to tell me how you felt about it.

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