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Entertainment of the Week: March 26th – April 1st

NBA Game of the Week: Pelicans at Cavaliers
As of now, Cavs are 3rd in the East, Pelicans are 5th in the West. The Cavs have the Sixers and the Pacers 1.5 games back, so a lapse of a few games could lead to dropping in their seeding, and potentially a more difficult path back to the NBA Finals. The Western Conference seeding from 3rd to 8th is separated by only 4.5 games, with the Pelicans sitting 2.5 games out of 3rd and 2.5 games from not even making the playoffs. As the season comes to an end, both these teams are going to want maximize their playoff position and get as many wins as possible. Look for MVP candidates Lebron James and Anthony Davis to put up their usual absurd numbers in this one. Tune in Friday, March 30th at 8 pm on ESPN.


March Madness Game of the Week: Loyola Chicago vs Michigan
Will I choose the battle of the two 1 seeds this week for the best Final Four match up? Even as a Villanova fan, I will not. Loyola continues to be the story of this NCAA tournament, as only the 4th 11 seed to ever make it to the Final Four. No 11 seed has ever made it to the championship game, so I’m hoping we see some history this weekend. I mean, we’ve already seen the first ever 16 seed win a game, so an 11 seed upsetting a 3 seed seems pretty realistic at this point, especially considering that Loyola looks like the team of destiny this year. Tune in to CBS Saturday, March 31st at 6:09 pm.




Premier League Game of the Week: Tottenham at Chelsea
Tottenham currently sit at 4th in the Premier League with 61 points, while Chelsea sit at 5th with 56 points. Tottenham have a chance to overtake Liverpool to get into 3rd, while Chelsea will not want to widen the gap and find themselves clawing for a 4th place finish. For those that aren’t aware of the implications of a “top 4” finish in the Premier League, the top 4 teams qualify for Champions League play the following year. Chelsea have a culture where Champions League is expected, and will do whatever it takes to make sure that they arrive there once again next year. This game should be a fun one, as it features some exciting players. Harry Kane seems to score whenever he feels like it, and loves the challenge of playing against other top clubs. Eden Hazard appears to be everywhere at once for Chelsea, and if they’re playing well, he’s often the one to credit. Tune in to NBC Sports Sunday, April 1st at 11:00 am.

NHL Game of the Week: Sharks at Blues
With 7 and 5 game win streaks, the Sharks and Blues are the two hottest teams in the West right now. Sharks are looking like their championship-caliber selves from the last few years, and the Blues, sitting at 8th place in the West, are trying to ensure a playoff position, holding 8th place only through a tiebreaker with the Kings. This late in the season, every game is vital to playoff standing, and for these two teams that is exactly what is at stake. Look for the Blues excellent defense to attempt to slow down the Sharks potent offense. Tune in to NBC Sports at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, March 27th.


MLB Game of the Week: Yankees at Blue
Unfortunately, the opening day game between the Yankees and Blue Jays doesn’t look to be nationally televised, which is ridiculous. So my game of the week is the next day between these two clubs. Honestly, it could have been between the Yankees and any team and I would have chosen it to be my game of the week. I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to seeing Judge and Stanton team up to headline potentially the most high-powered offensive lineup in the history of baseball. The Yanks are known for belting out a ton of home runs, and adding one of the best HR hitters in the Majors surely won’t slow that down. Tune in to MLB Network at 7:07 pm Friday, March 30th.


Recommendation of the Week: Paul, Apostle of Christ
I’m interested to see this movie, because movies based on the Bible and/or Christianity are complete hit or miss. Often they evoke a good message and are sound from a Bible history standpoint. Other times they are complete nonsense as far as Biblical accuracy and lean more towards blasphemy, offending millions (I’m looking at you Noah). Either way, Paul is one of the most famous men in the New Testament, going from the biggest persecutor of Christians to perhaps the most influential apostle. Even if you aren’t a Christian, there is certainly something to be learned or at least appreciated from this movie. James Faulkner takes on the role of Paul in Paul, Apostle of Christ. On a side note I do find it a bit odd that Jim Caviezel (The Count of Monte Cristo), the man who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, is now playing Luke. Could be confusing but we’ll see.

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