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Entertainment of the Week: May 17th – 23rd

NBA: Warriors at Lakers
A few years back it was expected to see Stephen Curry vs Lebron James in the NBA finals. Now, it’s been a while coming, but the two will face off in the newly implemented playoff tournament. Since 10 teams now “make” the playoffs, the 7 and 8 seeds face off, the winner playing the number 2 seed. The loser of that matchup will then play the winner of the 9 and 10 seeds to determine who will play the number 1 seed. Confused? I don’t blame you. The point is that it surely means more money for the NBA so here we are. Anyway no surprises who I’m rooting for with San Jose on my birth certificate. I’m hoping that the Warriors take the momentum they’ve been rolling with recently and send Lebron and the Lakers packing early. By packing of course I mean packing a suitcase to travel to the winner of the other play-in game, where he’ll probably win but then lose against the 1 seed. Steph should be MVP this year as well. Just wanted to add that. Dude is a freak. Anyway check this game Wednesday, May 19th at 10:00 pm (sorry east coast).


NHL: Blues at Avalanche
The Avalanche may be my pick to win the Stanley Cup this year. They’re fun to watch, have a ton of talent, and most importantly, as a Shark’s fan, I don’t really care if they win. Teams like Pittsburgh and Vegas rub me the wrong way as a San Jose-born fan so I can’t see them win. Everyone else is just kind of blah to me. But the Avalanche are fun and that franchise definitely deserves a Stanley Cup this year. So, my game of the week is the first game of that series, because I want to see if the Avs come out right off the bat and just show everyone that they’re the team to beat this year. Tune in tonight, Monday May 17th, at 10:00 pm to see the Avalanche and Blues face off in their playoff opener.



Premier League: Leicester at Chelsea
This is a huge game. As most of you know (but some of you may not), only the top 4 teams in the Premier League get to compete in the Champions League the following year. Manchester City and Manchester United have sealed spots in the competition, but Leicester (currently 3rd at 66 points), Chelsea (currently 4th at 64 points), and Liverpool (currently 5th at 63 points) are fighting for the final 2 spots. So, this weekend’s bout between Leicester City and Chelsea is HUGE. I’m pulling for Leicester, but Chelsea are definitely in form right now having made it to this year’s Champions League final coming up on May 29th. Jamie Vardy loves playing the big clubs so I’m hoping he shows up tomorrow and puts a goal or two in for Leicester. A loss by either side won’t seal anyone’s fate, but a win will guarantee a Champions League spot for Leicester. A win for Chelsea would simply make their path much easier. See who takes advantage of this matchup tomorrow, Tuesday May 18th, at 3:15 pm.


Netflix Movie of the Week: What Happened to Monday
It’s always an interesting concept when someone plays multiple characters in a movie. I’d love to be on set of a movie like that just to see the complications that must arise of someone having conversations with themselves. In What Happened to Monday, Noomi Rapace plays 7 characters. The movie takes place in a futuristic world with a strict one child policy. In that world Rapace plays a group of septuplets, all of which adopt a single identity. Each child is given a name that reflects the day of the week they are allowed to go out and live their life. Somehow they make this work for like 25 years before “Monday” never comes home. I enjoyed this one and if you like action thrillers you might just enjoy it as well. I categorize it in the category of “watchable Netflix Originals”…a category that is still pretty small. Check it out this week and let me know what you think!

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