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Entertainment of the Week: May 28th – June 3rd

NBA Games of the Week: Cavaliers and Warriors
Well it’s the last week in May which means it’s time for the annual Cavs vs Warriors match-up for the NBA Finals. It was the first time in I think NBA history that both conference finals went to game 7. Lebron once again put the Cavs on his back and gifted them a trip to the finals, but the match-up against the Warriors this year looks even more one-sided than the 2017 finals. That being said, you can never count a Lebron James team out completely. The man puts up miraculous performances like it’s his job, which it pretty much is at this point. This week features games 1 and 2 in Oakland on Thursday at 9 pm and Sunday at 8 pm (Eastern Times). All games are on ABC.


NHL Games of the Week: Capitals and Golden Knights
Based on game one last night this is going to be an amazing series. The Golden Knights, an expansion team, have a 1-0 lead in this Stanley Cup finals. I can’t believe I’m even writing that. The fact that an expansion team could win the cup in their first year is still amazing. Ovechkin and the Caps are standing in their way, however. I expect Ovi to play like a madman this series. No one in the NHL deserves a Stanley Cup more than him. He is a perfect example of what a captain should be. The man just loves to win and he celebrates his teammates’ goals the same as his own. I’m pulling for the Caps in this one, but won’t be surprised or overly disappointed either way. Games this week are Wednesday (Game 2) at 8 in Vegas, Saturday (Game 3) at 8 in Washington (Eastern).


MLB Game of the Week: Astros at Yankees
This game should be great, as these two teams are developing a nice rivalry and will surely be competing in the playoffs over the next few years with how much young talent each team has. Yankees ace Luis Severino faces off against “the Yankee Killer” Dallas Keuchel, so we very well could see an intense pitchers duel. However, with unbelievable offensive players on both sides you can never count out players like Judge, Stanton, and Altuve to have great offensive days. Tune in to ESPN at 6:30 on Wednesday, May 30th.



Movie recommendation of the Week: Solo – A Star Wars Story
The Han Solo standalone movie has been hugely anticipated all year. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I always like to go see the action-packed Star Wars movies, and will surely find myself seeing it in theaters this week. The cast of the movie is pretty impressive as well. Alongside Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo is Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Thandie Netwon, Paul Bettany, and plenty more. That type of star power has to lead to a solid movie. Check out Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters now.

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