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Entertainment of the Week: September 20th-26th

NFL: Buccaneers at Rams
The Rams are a fun team to watch for me this year. I’ve always been a big Matthew Stafford fan and seeing him out of Detroit and on a solid team makes me happy for him. I’d like to see him put up a career season and have a nice playoff push. The Rams are working toward that goal at 2-0, but this week they have a big test against the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by the GOAT, Tom Brady. Tom has thrown 9 touchdown passes in two games, and the Buccaneers are scoring points with ease. Jalen Ramsey, Aaron Donald, and the rest of the Rams defense are going to have to be at their absolute best if they want a chance at this one. This is a tough one to call, so I’m going to go with my heart and say Rams pull this out at home and Stafford establishes himself as the man in LA. Check this game out Sunday at 4:45 pm Eastern.


Premier League: Manchester City at Chelsea
Cristiano Ronaldo is back in the Premier League for Manchester United. Man U have a tough schedule after this week playing some great teams so you can bet I’m going to have a lot of Man U games moving forward. However, this week I have to go with the clash between 1st place Chelsea and 5th place Manchester City. Two powerful offenses capable of putting in plenty of goals, and two defenses that have only let up 1 goal each through 5 games this season. I’m hoping that offense wins out so we can all see some great goals. Man City are unfortunately pretty inconsistent against top teams. They could put up 6 goals on Chelsea or could be completely blanked. I’ll never predict a tie because that’s soft, so I’m going to predict a 3-2 Manchester City upset. If you’re a morning person, check this one out at 7:30 am on Saturday.


Netflix Movie of the Week: Safe House

Denzel Washington. Ryan Reynolds. We’re talking about powerhouse actors with some solid chemistry. Reviews have always been less than stellar for Safe House but I just don’t buy it. Unless you’re watching this to critique it, you’re going to enjoy Safe House. Reynolds plays a CIA officer that needs to look after an international fugitive (Washington). The two are attacked and need to work together in order to survive, leading to a slow building of trust filled with witty quips and solid banter. Check out Safe House on Netflix this weekend and let me know what you think!

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