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Entertainment of the Week: September 2nd – 8th

NFL Game of the Week: Steelers at Patriots
I’m going with this AFC powerhouse matchup for two reasons. First, the Patriots are the defending Superbowl Champions and deserve the respect of the first Entertainment of the Week spotlight of the football season. From what I’m seeing from their camp, they have the potential to be even better than last year, assuming Brady continues to do GOAT things. Second, I’m very interested to see how a Pittsburgh team free of controversial divas is going to perform to start the season. Antonio Brown is causing another team headaches now, and James Conner is ready to resume the number one RB spot without the looming controversy of Le’veon Bell causing any issues. I’m hoping for a high scoring game in this one. Tune in Sunday night at 8:20 for what promises to be a solid game.


MLB Game of the Week: Mets at Nationals
I’m a fan of pitching duels, and the best matchup for such a duel this week is definitely the Scherzer vs. deGrom matchup that we will see between Washington and New York. Washington currently holds a wildcard spot, and the Mets are 4 back from the second spot, making this an important matchup as well. Normally I hope for high scoring games, for obvious excitement purposes, but for this one I’m pushing for a classic duel between two great pitchers. If you remember, the two became just the second pair of opposing starters to strike out 10 batters each on opening day during their previous meeting. I’m hoping for that kind of pitcher dominance and excitement. Tune in Tuesday at 7:30 for this one.


Movie Recommendation: It Chapter Two
I’m really not a fan of horror movies, and if I’m being honest I haven’t even seen the first installation of this apparent series. However, I know that not everyone is like me. If you liked the first It and/or you are into horror movies, this one is getting solid reviews. It also boasts a lot of very solid actors such as Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader. That alone actually makes me almost interested enough to watch it, but only time will tell. It Chapter Two comes out Friday, September 6th in theaters nationwide.

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