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Entertainment of the Week: September 30th – October 6th

NFL Game of the Week: Broncos at Chargers
Division rivalries always carry a bit more weight than other match-ups. This one is vaguely exciting because both teams are 2-2 and want to get some separation in the AFC West from the other non-Chiefs teams, while staying as close to the Chiefs as possible (which is obviously a bit optimistic to attempt at this point). Broncos are usually pretty stingy on D so we will see if Philip Rivers can continue to put up solid numbers with the weapons around him. We also should see the first action from Melvin Gordon after his holdout. I’m interested in whether or not he is able to jump right into the Chargers game plan or if the holdout has left him rusty and off his game. The Broncos and Chiefs kick off this one Sunday at 4:05 pm.


MLB Game of the Week: Brewers at Nationals
I am not a fan whatsoever of the single game wildcard. I just don’t think it’s fair to send a team home without letting them go at it for a series. But, that’s the reality of the MLB, so I and everyone else just have to deal with it. I think this National League wildcard is more interesting than the American League one, mainly because I think that these teams actually have a chance to make a run in the playoffs. Everyone knows it’s going to be Yankees and Astros in the AL, but maybe the Brewers or Nationals can make some sort of miracle run. Scherzer is pitching at home in this one so I’m hoping for a dominant pitching performance from him to start his postseason. Tune in Tuesday at 8:08 pm (seriously) on TBS.



Premier League Game of the Week: Leicester City at Liverpool
Liverpool just keeps winning and as someone who doesn’t really have a clear-cut team that they root for, I’m both intrigued and sick of it. Leicester has some firepower and have been putting a solid season together. They currently sit in 3rd place. Their all-time great underdog story of a few years back still elicits some emotion from me, so I’d like to see them take down a Liverpool side that has yet to lose or even tie a game this year. If not, then it’s still kind of fun to see how long Liverpool can go completely unscathed and dominant. Tune in at 10 am on Saturday for this one.



Movie Recommendation: Joker
I’ve heard mixed reviews on this one, but I would say the majority acknowledge that Joaquin Phoenix does a good job portraying this latest version of DC’s most famous villain. The movie itself has a bit of controversy around it as well. Some refer to it as a celebration of toxic masculinity and are calling for boycotts against the film. It seems that people can’t just enjoy a movie anymore without giving it some kind of agenda. The joker has been around forever, and I for one will simply be viewing the film as a comic book movie that is meant to entertain. If you feel the same, check it out, and let me know what you think.

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