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Featured Gentleman: Jeremy Bishop

For my first Featured Gentleman spotlight, I’ve chosen photographer Jeremy Bishop. Jeremy and I met back in 2014 when we played alongside one another for the BuxMont Torch, a semi-pro soccer team based in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. Soccer has always been a huge factor in Jeremy’s life, having started playing at 5 years old while growing up in Los Angeles. Jeremy attributes soccer to helping him develop a love for creativity and competition.

While playing soccer at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California, he studied graphic design and marketing. During college Jeremy was able to study abroad in Europe, and was hit with the all too familiar “travel bug.” This love for travel would lead to countless future adventures, which of course, would be accompanied by a camera. So how does someone go from a lifelong soccer player to an extremely gifted photographer? I was fortunate to get Jeremy to answer some questions so I could find out myself, and share with any of you looking not only to get into photography, but to find a passion and make it into a career.


When did you first get into photography, and what drew you to it?

Jeremy: I first sparked the love for photography way before I began to travel, taking pictures with the GoPro of friends surfing. This was way before GoPro was popular and my friends were experimenting with video while body boarding in Orange County. After I graduated college in 2014 I traveled Europe with three friends for two months and ended the trip in Australia. All three of us lived in Australia for 8 months working and traveling. This is where I began to get serious about photography and find my adventurous spirit.

Was there a definitive point where you said to yourself “I want to be a photographer full time”? Or did you gradually just become one?

It gradually took time and experience to begin a mindset of pursuing photography as a career. I always had to support myself full time but I was unable to find exposure and a specific style. It wasn’t until after a few years when I jumped in full time freelancing in the adventure and lifestyle industry of photography.

What types of photos do you enjoy shooting most?

If I could shoot just one style of photography it would be Surf and Water photography. I have a deep love for the ocean and the refreshing spirit it has to my soul and mind. In-water photography is my favorite, whether that is above or below the surface. I have always loved surfing myself, but capturing others who were talented felt very satisfying and was a fun way to create artwork in the water. Nothing could beat that.

What are some of the best places you’ve traveled to shoot?

My favorite place right now has to be Hawaii. I have an attachment to Hawaii because this is where I really began to get confident and get noticed for my photography. Some of my other favorites are Iceland, Greece, Italy, and Australia. I am a California boy at heart and anywhere with the ocean, clear water, and sunny weather is what attracts me.

For those looking to get into photography, how do you recommend that they get started?

It takes time and experience out there shooting day in and day out. Through putting in hours you will find what you truly love shooting and a certain style that is unique to you. It is very important to find ‘your style’. Once you know what unique style you can offer you are able to stand out and perfect it. Get out there, build relationships, and foster a fun and creative environment.

Seriously, Check out Jeremy’s Photos

The man has a gift. I’ve been following his Instagram account for quite some time now, and have always been impressed with the photos he puts out. That being said, when Jeremy shared his complete online collection of photos, I was floored. Incredible landscapes of secret coves, desert hills, mountain peaks, and starry nights. Breathtaking actions shots of surfing waves or flipping into rivers. Emotional portraits within nature. These are just a few of the variety of quality pictures you can expect from Jeremy Bishop.

However, it’s not just his talent with a camera that makes him an Influential Gentleman. It’s the man behind the camera. The man with the talent. First off, Jeremy is a great guy. I have nothing but fond memories from our time together playing soccer, and not just because he dropped me a couple sweet assists throughout the season. Jeremy is selfless and compassionate, putting others before himself and making those around him better people. That is what being an influential gentleman is all about. Finding yourself in various social circles and not only improving yourself, but improving the entire circle.

On top of that, Jeremy found a passion and turned it into a career. He mentioned his love for creativity, as well as the positive effect the ocean has on his soul. Now, through his career, he is able to find a creative outlet that involves being around the ocean, as well as other amazing places throughout the country and world. We can all learn something from Jeremy.

I encourage you to follow Jeremy on his Instagram account, @tentides, as well as checking out his online gallery at unsplash.com/@tentides.  I promise you it’ll be worth it, and you can even nab a few pics for the backgrounds of your phone or computer. Just give him a shout-out on social media. You can expect the @influentialgentleman Instagram account to post his work periodically as well, so keep an eye out for that.

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