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February Drink of the Month: Port Wine

There are no ingredients or instructions for the February Drink of the Month. Port wine originated as a fortified Portuguese wine that was exclusively produced in the Douro Valley of northern Portugal.

Since then, the style has grown and is produced all over the world. While there are dry, semi-dry, and white varieties now, port is typically a sweet, red wine. A small glass of this “dessert wine” is often enjoyed after dinner, relaxing amongst family, friends, and guests.

The specific port we are going to reference for our Drink of the Month is Cockburn’s Special Reserve. An affordable Port with great taste, Cockburn’s was first created in 1969, and uses only the finest grapes from their Quinta dos Canais vineyard in Portugal.

Aged in old oak barrels, Cockburn’s Special Reserve is soft and smooth, and has notes of fruit of youth and with a slight peppery spice. Pair this port with cheese or any dessert, and enjoy responsibly with friends.

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