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February Drink of the Month: The Gentleman’s Cherry Limeade

For this month’s cocktail I wanted something red to use in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s February 13th so obviously I’m cutting this as close as possible. This drink works for all types of Valentine’s day plans. It can be used as a pre-drink before leaving the house or a post-evening plans drink. The key to the Gentleman’s Cherry Limeade is that it is fairly light, not overly rich, and simple. Too many Valentine’s day suggestions are overly complicated and use chocolates and other heavy ingredients. I wanted my suggestion to be fairly normal, and therefore a drink that can also be used the rest of the month, not just on February 14th.

Let’s get into it.

-2 oz Vodka (I like Absolut but you can Absolut-ly choose whatever you want it doesn’t matter)
-1.5 oz cherry cocktail juice
-.5 to 1 oz lime juice (fresh squeezed preferred)
-.5 oz simple syrup

Fairly simple, just put all of the above in and stir. Throw in a maraschino cherry or two and a lime wedge. Voila! You can serve it with crushed or cubed ice and in any preferred glass. Dealer’s choice on this one.


This is one of the more refreshing drinks out there and could definitely be revisited in the summer on a warm day. It is also a dangerous drink, as it is delicious and goes down easy, so be careful. As always, enjoy responsibly. Whether you’re implementing the Gentleman’s Cherry Limeade in your Valentine’s Day routine or just throwing a few back on a weekend in February, enjoy!