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We had a lot of of solid feedback before on our article covering the benefits of turmeric, so we thought we’d move to another spice for this one. Ginger may not be the first thing on your mind when you’re cooking, but if you can add a little of it to your diet you can be sure that you’ll get some nice benefits. The use of ginger for treating various ailments goes back thousands of years, so if it’s good enough for generation after generation, it’s good enough for you.

Now let’s get right into the benefits and make this short and sweet.

High in antioxidants
We’ve talked about the importance of foods with antioxidant properties before. Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress can be linked to certain diseases such as diabetes, strokes, and even cancer. Essentially foods high in antioxidants help to prevent cell damage. That’s a very good thing. Ginger actually has one of the highest levels of antioxidants when compared to any other food. Honestly I had no idea about that. I knew they were high in antioxidants but to find out they are top tier was a nice little surprise.
Another property of antioxidants is reducing inflammation in the body. Inflammation causes so many issues, from joint and muscular pains to long term problems such as arthritis and even heart issues. Ginger can help lower inflammation and therefore decrease pain.

Quality nausea treatment 
Ginger contains a compound that is appropriately named gingerol. Now what gingerol does is it aids in both the passage of food throughout the body, and the suppression of muscle spasms. When you’re feeling nauseous, this will help keep the symptoms of nausea, i.e. vomiting, at bay. For all of you women out there that plan on getting pregnant sometime in the future, ginger is actually proven to be a fantastic solution to morning sickness caused by pregnancy. You can even buy ginger capsules and take them daily to prevent the symptoms of morning sickness and make the pregnancy process slightly easier.

Helps with indigestion
Ginger helps to stimulate our digestive enzymes that are directly responsible for moving food properly throughout our bodies. This process at an optimal level helps to prevent gas. This is huge for people like me who eat a lot of beans and have a protein shake every day. Some ginger tea daily can help dispel excess gas and get your stomach operating properly. Those that spend time with you in close proximity will thank you.


Implementing ginger into your diet
Tea: my number one recommendation is to drink ginger tea. Ginger tea is easily a top 3 favorite tea of mine. Throw a little honey in it and you’re absolutely golden. I’ve been drinking Assi Brand and it’s amazing.

Chicken: I love a good ginger chicken. There are plenty of ginger powders you can get in the spice section. Put some olive oil, ginger, and garlic on your chicken and cook it up in the oven. You’ll thank me later.

Smoothies: smoothies are great for adding in healthy items because even if you don’t like what you’re putting in there you can drown the taste in other delicious ingredients. Fortunately ginger tastes ok so no worries here anyway.

Cookies: gingersnap cookies are awesome. Easy win.

Capsules: if you don’t want to be creative you can get ginger in capsules. I generally prefer finding more natural ways, but it’s still an option.


Try it out and let me know what you think!

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