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It’s Time to Rock Some Camo

This is going to be short and sweet because while I do write about style, I don’t think that advice in this area needs to be overly elaborate. Trends happen, you follow trends, but you don’t go over the top. Instead, you make it your own. That’s all style is: combining your personal preferences with universally accepted popular trends.

So, why camo? Answer, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t inherently know what the allure to camo is. What I do know is that it is “in.” I always find that term funny because I really don’t understand the origins of a trend becoming “in.” I guess someone popular, like a celebrity or major fashion influencer, wears something, and then everyone is like “wow that’s cool I need to also wear that.” And a fashion trend is born.

Right now, camo seems to be hot. The questions then becomes how do I wear camo in a way that is “cool” while also fitting my personality. The best way that I can describe that is by going into my own personal style.

One article of clothing that I love to wear are joggers. I have fleece joggers, athletic joggers, joggers I wear to lounge around the house, and joggers I’m comfortable going out in…let’s just say a good variety of joggers. So, when camo became the hot item I went online and found camo joggers. I now own two pairs: a fleece pair that I wear in very casual settings, and a twill pair that I can wear out to nicer venues (think dinner, bars, clubs, etc.).

I’m also a big fan of nice, clean, plain, long sleeve shirts. These can be T shirts, henleys, or those waffle style shirts. I wear these because they can go with anything: joggers, jeans, chinos, and can be worn under a hoodie or with a blazer. They’re incredibly versatile. So, when I ordered my camo joggers I also ordered a camo long sleeve waffle style shirt.

Now here’s my major tip for wearing camo. Whether you’re wearing it from the waist down or waist up, the best way to compliment camo is with something plain and simple. Think black, gray, tan, or white. All of my go to tops with my camo joggers fall into this category, and I’m fairly sure that the only pants I’ve worn with my camo top are my dark gray jeans.

One last thing. Again, I’ll use a personal anecdote to drive a very real point home. Trends often come up and I would say to myself “I really don’t know if I can pull this off.” You may think this as well. You might be reading this saying “I dunno camo is something I’ve never worn I don’t think I can rock it without being made fun of.” I promise you, you’re wrong. If you wear something with confidence no one is going to give you a hard time. And if they do they’re probably just insecure that they themselves couldn’t get away with wearing it. Be confident. You are no different than anyone else who is wearing trendy clothing. Have a winner’s mentality and you may find yourself getting compliments here and there on your style.

I challenge you to order one camo item. Just one. Rock it, head out somewhere, and see how you feel. It’s as simple as that. 

Here are a couple links to get you started. Nordstrom has a good variety of both pants and tops. Tilly’s as well, and more reasonable prices.

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