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March Drink of the Month: The Old Fashioned

Alright, for this month I want to introduce a staple cocktail for an influential gentleman: the Old Fashioned. This is a timeless drink that everyone who finds themselves in a position to make a cocktail here and there should know. There are variations that one can adapt to add their own personal touch to an Old Fashioned, but for now I’ll simply go over a pretty standard recipe.

First, it’s important to use the proper glass for an Old Fashioned. Don’t simply put it in a solo cup or normal drinking glass. An Old Fashioned glass, or rocks glass, is a clear, uncolored tumbler with straight sides and a thick bottom. Now, will it taste the same in your standard drinking glass you normally use for any other beverage? Sure. But the Old Fashioned isn’t just the drink itself, it’s the presentation. You can find rocks glasses at any store that sells kitchen ware, so grab 2 to have for special cocktail occasions.

2 oz bourbon
Club Soda
Angostura bitters
1 sugar cube
1 ice cube
1 thin orange slice

Put sugar cube in the bottom of your Old fashioned glass
Put 2-3 dashes of bitters and a splash of club soda over the sugar cube to wet
Using a wooden muddler or spoon, crush the sugar
Shift the glass in your hand to cover the bottom of the glass with the sugar, bitters, and club soda
Add one large ice cube
Pour in bourbon
Garnish with thin orange slice

There you have it, the Old Fashioned. As influential gentleman (or ladies), if you want to have one classy drink to perfect, this should be it. Once you have the basics you can think of adding variations, such as additional fruit to sweeten the drink if you are so inclined.

On a side note, I find Maker’s Mark to be my favorite bourbon for an Old Fashioned. Try out a few bourbons or rye whiskeys and see what you enjoy. Whatever you prefer is another way to put a personal touch on your own version of the Old Fashioned. Give it a try this month!

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