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May Drink of the Month: The Dirty Mimosa

Alright so this is without a doubt the worst cocktail that we will ever suggest on this site. But, there is a reason for it and it isn’t just laziness. If you’re like me, stuck in quarantine here in Pennsylvania, getting liquor is a hassle. Since Pennsylvania liquor is all state run the only way to get it (and this wasn’t an option for the first month) is to order online. Every day I tried to log in to buy it but the site was overwhelmed. This means that we’re stuck drinking beer from our local distributor or wine if we go to one of the grocery stores that offers a wine and beer section. The closest couple of grocery stores right now do not. So beer is quick and less crowded so often that is the better option.

All that being said, the dirty mimosa is pretty clutch if you want to avoid drinking straight beer all the time, or justify having a beer before noon. Pay close attention because the ingredients and instructions are very complicated.

-beer of choice
-orange juice

-fill tall glass halfway or three-quarters with beer
-top off with orange juice

Now you’re ready to post on Instagram that you’re starting your day with a mimosa. You don’t need to include the “dirty” part because it looks the same and you’re technically not lying. The lowest class of mimosa is still a mimosa.

Also, don’t even think about garnishing with an orange slice. This is not that kind of mimosa.

As always, drink responsibly. Enjoy!

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