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Monday’s Shouldn’t Suck

First off let me be clear, I often fall into the attitude that Monday’s are terrible. However, I’m trying to avoid this type of thinking and have recently been feeling motivated when Monday rolls around. If it worked for me, a former extreme Monday hater, it can work for you.

That feeling that hits Sunday night at 9 pm when you realize the weekend is over and the work week is about to begin is natural, I can’t deny this. However, it shouldn’t come about because of how much you hate your job or dread going to work the next day, but should instead be the natural realization that a fun weekend is at its close. There’s nothing wrong with being sad that a weekend is over. There may be something wrong with being terrified of the work week.

If you feel legitimate dread or anxiety because you have to go to work the next day, there is something wrong. It could be that you need to change your job, because you might be working somewhere you aren’t meant to be. However, it could just be that you have a severely negative mindset. It’s hard not to, considering the Monday work day has essentially become a meme of dread nowadays. A mindset issue can definitely be changed.

Flip the Script 

Your mindset is powerful. I’m constantly referencing the power of our minds and how it can change our outlook on our lives, and this is no exception. For starters, the key is forcing ourselves to look at the positives of Monday.

What I’ve been doing is telling myself that Monday is the catalyst for a week of solid productivity. If I can wake up and start having a productive and successful Monday, I’ll be able to ride that wave throughout the rest of the work week. When that alarm hits I suggest doing something positive right off the bat. You may want to refer to my article on starting the day off right. In that article I detail how starting the morning with something productive can set the tone for the day, and include examples. Basically, even simply making your bed immediately gets you moving in the right direction. At this point you’re already hard-wiring your brain towards success.

Next, insert things you enjoy into the day. I used to go to Chipotle for lunch every Monday, because I love Chipotle, and it made me feel good. Right now I have a hot chocolate after lunch every Monday (and sometimes other days). For some reason hot chocolate always puts me in a bright mood. Schedule your favorite muscle group for Monday’s exercise session. For most guys that’s probably chest  day. Whatever you can do on a Monday consistently that puts you in a good mood, do that.

Finally, don’t fall into negative talk. If someone else says something about Monday’s being the worst I’ll literally respond with something as corny as “I don’t know what you mean, man, its a beautiful day.” Even if I don’t 100% mean what I say, just saying it helps to convince the brain that it’s true. Again, the power of the mind. It’s tough, especially in corporate culture people love to blame Mondays for everything. Don’t fall into that trap.


Try these little tricks for a couple weeks. If you notice an improvement in you Monday mood, and if you notice that Sunday evening is far less depressing, then perhaps it isn’t Monday that’s the issue, but your attitude instead. If you still have the same thoughts and feelings then, like I mentioned before, it may be time for a more significant life change (moving, changing jobs, etc.). That’s some heavier stuff that maybe we can write about later.

Try it out! Monday’s may not be your favorite day of the week right away, but I’ve noticed they’ve become almost a fun challenge when they arrive because I become very focused on making sure I start the week off on the right foot.

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