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October Drink of the Month: Tiger Juice

Alright I know we’re ⅔ of the way through the month but I figure you still deserve your drink of the month so here it goes. This drink is fun considering the way that I became aware of its existence. My buddy and I were at the grocery store to pick up mixers to go with the whiskey we had just bought. We had been drinking our whiskey with ginger ale for far too long and wanted to mix it up.


I had been drinking tequila and orange juice as well and asked if orange juice and whiskey was a thing. He had never heard of it. I Googled the pairing and sure enough it not only is a thing, but has perhaps the greatest name of any cocktail around: Tiger Juice.


Tiger Juice is simple: mix whiskey (preferably Canadian) with OJ and ice. Done. You can figure out what type of amounts you like. We prefer a tall glass with two shots of whiskey, four ice cubes, and then topped off with OJ.




Pro tip: you can put a little ginger ale in their as well if you crave a bit of carbonation. I call that the Ginger Tiger.

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