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Party Hosting: App and Game Night

So one thing I advocate as influential gentlemen is the idea of effectively traversing the party scene. This entails party etiquette, successful interactions with guests and hosts, and appropriate consumption of alcohol depending on the situation. Today, however, I want to focus on hosting a successful party. A gentleman knows how to take control of both organization and execution. I’ll be going over how to plan and carry out one of my favorites: App and Game Night.

App Night
For you technology buffs that were excited to see how to implement phone or computer-based apps into a party setting, I regretfully apologize. App Night is a low-key, casual party where you and your guests will each bring an appetizer. While eating apps and drinking wine or beer, party-goers will also partake in games that promote fun, competitiveness, and conversation.

Alright now that we’ve established the basics let’s go over the most important stage: preparation. The first step to a successful party of any nature is determining a guest list. For App and Game Night you want a relatively small number of people, as too many will lead to a bit of difficulty coming up with games to play.

Additionally, you want to select your guest list carefully and make sure you’re choosing individuals who fit into the type of party you’re trying to throw. You don’t want 5 of your former frat brothers coming to App and Game Night if you know that every time they go to any social gathering they’re getting belligerently intoxicated. This will obviously put a damper on the chill vibes you’re attempting to achieve here.

So, pick a group of 8 to 10 people, including yourself, that will relax with some drinks but not go overboard, and would be competitive and fun with a variety of different games. If you’re part of a couple, this is a great idea for a couple’s night.

Send out a group chat to everyone you wish to invite and set a date. Ask for a date they’ll all be available without revealing any details. This promotes a bit of intrigue right off the bat, which always works in your favor. Once you’ve set a date, lay out the idea on everyone, and tell each person to include in their acceptance the appetizer that they will be bringing. A bottle of wine or 6-pack of beer per one or two people is perfect as well. Although, as a gracious host, have a few options present.

Possible Appetizers
Obviously there are tons of apps out there, but I’ll give you a few examples of what I and my friends have made in the past:

– 7 layer bean dip
– Buffalo chicken dip
– Shrimp cocktails
– Spinach and artichoke dip
– Pigs in a blanket
– Bacon-rapped scallops
– Bruschetta
– Honey roasted cauliflower
– Barbecue and jelly meatballs

Pick Your Games

This part is easy. Find some games that will involve everyone involved. If you know your group is relatively into and/or good at card games, you can split into two games of either Hearts, Euchre, Spades, or other challenging strategic games.

If you’re more into the fun and laughter than strategy, I’d suggest games such as Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Catch Phrase, Charades, or Pictionary. These are all guaranteed to keep everyone entertained by combining competition with humor.

Have Fun!

It’s hard to have an unsuccessful evening with a house full of friends, games, drinks, and delicious appetizers. Don’t overthink it once the night comes and let the evening flow. I can guarantee everyone will leave happy and wanting to schedule the next party.

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