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The Importance of Accountability

We are constantly setting goals for ourselves, both big and small. We set goals in January for what we want to accomplish during the year. We make financial goals, physique goals, educational goals. We also set small goals or tasks for ourselves each week. I often do so for writing, saying I want to come out with 5 articles over the course of a week.

However, one thing that we often lack when we set our goals is accountability. It is vitally important to have at least one individual in your life that will hold you accountable for the goals that you set. The reason is that it is a lot easier for us to let ourselves down, or make excuses to ourselves when we don’t have anyone to call us out for it. When my 5 article per week goal turns into zero articles I simply give myself an “oh well, I’ll do it next week” or a “well I had a busy week so I couldn’t possibly have done that much writing.”

An accountability partner that truly has your best interest in mind is going to call you out for not completing your tasks and goals. That’s their job. And while it may seem annoying to have someone do that to you, it is extremely necessary. Right now I’m up at 6:30 am, 20 minutes before my normal alarm, because my accountability partner expects the 1 article per day this week that we discussed on Monday. I didn’t get to it last night because I had a long day, so I’m making up for it now. Each night at 8:45ish he will text me to make sure my couple of per-day tasks have been accomplished, and ask for proof.

As I said, it is easy to let ourselves down or give ourselves excuses. However, it is embarrassing to constantly tell someone else that we’re not doing what we’ve said we would do. This will benefit us in the long run though, as I guarantee productivity will rise.

I encourage each and everyone one of you that read this article to find someone to hold you accountable, and be open and honest with them. Tell them what you want to accomplish within the next week, month, year, whatever. I have a couple of people like this in my life and it is incredibly beneficial for me.

Here are a couple practical ways to utilize a successful accountability relationship:

  • Have a daily check-in at a set time (weekly or monthly for long-term goals)
  • Create a shareable Google document with your goals/tasks listed
  • Be honest about what you want to accomplish
  • Share both short-term and long-term goals

Now, if you find yourself as the one in the position to keep a friend accountable, make sure you are doing so in a caring and encouraging way, but still being strict in your accountability.

  • Check in during your previously discussed intervals, making sure to be consistent
  • Encourage when goals aren’t met, and remind them of why they set them in the first place
  • Remind them that you believe in them, and are doing this to help them better themselves

At first an accountability partner relationship may seem negative if they constantly call you out for not doing what you’ve said. However, that’s on you, and I promise will help you realize that the best thing you can do is to complete the tasks and goals you’ve set out. This will lead to a better version of yourself, and that’s what we’re about here at Influential Gentleman.

Try it out! Reach out to someone to keep you accountable. They might be appreciative enough to ask you to do the same thing for them.

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