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Thursday Night Football – Buffalo Wild Wings

First off I want to make sure to clarify that I am in no way affiliated with Buffalo Wild Wings, nor is this an advertisement for them of any kind. This is simply a public service announcement that I feel obliged to make for the betterment of whoever would read this.

I am officially endorsing Buffalo Wild Wings as THE spot for Thursday Night Football. I’m pretty confident the overwhelming majority of you have been to a B dubs, and for those that haven’t I’m sure you’ve seen commercials. If somehow you are completely unaware of its existence, Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar that is essentially known for its wings, and for having a billion TVs playing every sports game on at any given moment. It’s a perfect atmosphere for sports fans.

Now, everyone has their Sunday ritual when it comes to watching football. You could be a dual TV home viewer with one television showing your home team and the other on NFL Red Zone so you can easily see how your fantasy team is doing. Or perhaps you have a local bar where you meet up with your squad for 8 hours of beers and merriment, hopefully capped off by an Uber home.

While Sunday is usually set in stone, Thursday night probably doesn’t carry as much weight, and maybe like me you’ve found yourself either watching at home or trying to gather some troops for a night out, kind of uncertain week by week. If that’s the case, let me convince you to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. We’re going to look at 3 items: food, beer, atmosphere.

Specials are king when it comes to weekday bar eating, and B dubs has got you covered. Game day app specials features a choice between queso/chips, mozzarella sticks, or fried pickles. My recommendation is the queso. I’m a queso guy and it is top notch. My friends are not big queso people but they love it as well. After that we get into the wings, as it is their namesake item. Boneless wings are 35 cents each on Thursday nights, another solid special. I’m all about the 6 of one flavor and 6 of another. Usually something hotter and something more sweeter. There are tons of flavors so there’s guaranteed to be something you’ll like.

If you’re looking for craft beer recommendations this is not the article for you. Light beer is synonymous with football and with wings. Buffalo Wild Wings understands this reality, and offers a $5 pitcher and a $9 pitcher “game day special.” I’ve done the math for you on this. The $5 pitcher equates to 3 beers ($1.67 per beer). The $9 pitcher equates to 6 beers ($1.50 per beer). You’re not going to find a better deal than that. If you do, please contact me via email or Instagram and I will write a new article on that place.

Buffalo Wild Wings was created for sports fans. At another bar you may get to your table and have to do the old “look at the TVs to see which way I want to face to see the game.” You all will be facing the game. You’ll all be facing multiple games, in fact. You’ll probably even be facing multiple games, multiple times. The Thursday Night Football game will guaranteed be on a minimum of 2 screens in your natural field of vision, usually one of which is a giant screen.

That’s all I got for you. It’s a quick sell. My buddy and I used to do happy hour on Friday’s but, since we both watch football and are in the same Fantasy league, we’ve moved to Thursday Night Football at B dubs, and have gotten others in on the weekly plan as well. Wings, beer, football. You can’t really go wrong there. Head to your local Buffalo Wild Wings this week and I promise you will be glad you did.

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A great read. If I was an avid football fan, you definitely convinced me to go. Atlas. I not…

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