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Why You Should be Listening to Podcasts

Alright so let me acknowledge right off the bat in terms of podcasts that I am incredibly late to the party. I’ve had friends try to get me into podcasts for some time now and every instance I would sarcastically think to myself “yeah I’m going to just spend hours listening to people talk when I can listen to music or do literally anything else.”

I was 100% wrong. It’s only been a few days now for me, which in no way makes me an expert on the significance of this form of medium. However, I have a few thoughts on the subject that seem obvious to me after diving head-first into podcasts.

Thought 1: There is something to be learned in every podcast.

I’m a huge proponent in continuing the learning process through the entirety of one’s life. That is absolutely not to be interpreted as always being involved in the actual education system. I am out of school and will most likely not go back unless I earn enough passive income that I have tons more time on my hands.

What I mean is that we should always involve ourselves in activities that help us learn. Watching the news is one way to learn, particularly with politics. It is a great exercise to understand the political climate, and educate ourselves on the issues that our nation faces. We can also read, watch documentaries, use apps to learn a new language, etc.

Podcasts may be the best way to continue to learn every day. You can search podcasts based on different fields that interest you, or find interesting individuals that you can learn from. I’ve been enjoying the Joe Rogan Experience currently, because I know that he gets a variety of different experts on his show that have vast knowledge on a plethora of subjects. Each episode you not only learn about the subjects at hand, but you can also generally gain tips on how to become successful, as all of the guests are successful in their field.


Thought 2: There is wisdom to be gained in every podcast.

A lot of people equate knowledge with wisdom, and may therefore surmise that this thought is the same as thought 1. Those people, unfortunately, are wrong. I can’t sugarcoat that. Knowledge is facts and information acquired through education or experience. Wisdom puts knowledge into action. It is the ability to utilize one’s knowledge and experience to positively navigate life and impact others (that spicy definition was all my own, not bad right?).

Podcasts help gain wisdom in two ways. They give you knowledge, which as I said can be used to gain wisdom. This varies subject to subject, because often you will find knowledge in politics or psychology that can easily apply to your day to day life.

They also can give wisdom directly. Experts that you will find yourselves listening to have generally attained some level of wisdom due to their immense research and experiences on their subject, and often impart some of that wisdom onto the listener.

Find a topic you like and run with it

There is a podcast out there for everyone. Most platforms that house podcasts have a search function that utilizes a search by subject. Or you can always use Google and just type in “podcast” and the subject you want.

My only real recommendation at this early stage in my podcast career is Rogan. His site easily lets you search through all the 1000+ episodes to find people that you are interested in. There are political activists, psychologists, neuroscientists, athletes, writers, and much more.

Find something interesting, press play, and go from there! Happy listening, ladies and gentleman.

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