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Winter Style: the Peacoat

The peacoat has become a staple for influential gentlemen looking to bring a modern style to their winter arsenal. Whether it’s thrown over a t-shirt or the outer garment of a handful of layers, the peacoat is a timeless jacket that should be in every man’s repertoire.

The peacoat originated as a standard issue coat for both British and United States Navies as a warm outer layer to protect them from the cold winds of the high seas and chilly ocean nights. Their effective functionality is what makes the peacoat such a viable option today, as its performance couples with its suave appearance to bring what I believe is the classiest type of coat available for winter fashion.


There are a handful of styles for the peacoat: Classic, Bridge, Single-breasted, etc. Style, of course, is a matter of preference. For myself, I prefer the classic look because not only is it timelessly aesthetic, but it gives the wearer room to move because of the slight flair at the hips due to the double-breasted cut.

The large collar of the classic peacoat keeps the wind off your neck as well, which is ideal for harsh conditions. Overall, the classic style is the way to go (again just in my opinion). Check out this example from Lands End:


Fit is important. This is not a jacket that you want to be baggy. However, you don’t want it to be form fitting because you never know how many layers you may have underneath. It’s an art to find the right peacoat that looks slim regardless of the amount of layers worn.

Equip Yourself

I encourage you to go out to a few stores and try on some peacoats. These coats are a great investment, as they will last for years if you take care of them. Both stylish and functional, don’t be without one this winter.

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