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About Me

Hey everyone.

My name is Austin, and I’ve created this blog in order to help men become the best versions of themselves. I’ll be writing articles on topics and issues that we face every day, and trying to inspire each of us to maximize our potential in all aspects of life.

I was born in San Jose, California, but spent the majority of my life in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I was a three-sport athlete in high school, and went on to play soccer at the collegiate and semi-pro levels.

Becoming a better version of myself started physically, as I was always very small. I started high school at 5 feet tall and 80 pounds, and while I shot up to 5’10”, I graduated high school at 115 pounds and college at 135. After college I took my body seriously, put on weight, and adopted healthy diet and fitness lifestyles.

After having success with physical improvement, I wanted to continue on to bettering myself in other areas. I’ve implemented positive changes in my style, in my attitude, in my health, and in my interactions with others.

An influential gentleman understands that there is always improvement to be made. I’m still going through the process, so while I learn new ways to better myself my goal is to pass on that information to you.

Thanks for stopping by the Influential Gentleman, and I look forward to growing together.

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