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Chia Seeds


Happy Saturday everyone! Hopefully you’re all starting your weekend off strong. As you know, I love to recommend foods that are both easy to add to your diet and also pack some solid health benefits. Now I know, the internet is full of “try this and you’ll transform your life” type of superfoods, and a lot of time readers will put way too much emphasis on those foods when they aren’t as life changing as you may be lead to believe.

At Influential Gentleman, however, we are very realistic about what you’re getting. Chia seeds are pretty cool. They’re super easy to add to your daily routine and they have some good benefits. Will they change your life? Of course not. But they can definitely help. Especially if you’re also adding other foods and advice given in the Health section of this blog.

Alright you know with these articles I don’t like to waste time, so let’s get into the benefits, shall we?


Chia Seeds are Rich in Fiber
Fiber helps regulate your bowel movements and maintain bowel health. That’s always solid. It also can lower cholesterol levels and control blood sugar levels, which assists in weight loss or weight maintenance. Chia seeds have a decent amount of fiber in only a tablespoon or so, making it a great way to add fiber to your diet.

Chia Seeds Contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Omega 3 fatty acids have a crazy amount of health benefits. We’re talking promoting brain function, fighting off depression and anxiety issues, improving eye health, lowering blood pressure, and so on. A lot of people take fish oil supplements in order to achieve daily fatty acid intake, but adding chia seeds is a more natural way to do just that.

Chia Seeds are Good for Bone Health
We all want strong bones. Generally milk is pushed as the number one option for achieving bone health, but we can get some help from other foods, including chia seeds. Chia seeds are actually higher in calcium per gram than most dairy products. Add phosphorus and magnesium to that and you’ve got a nice cocktail of bone health nutrients.

Chia Seeds can Help Prevent Heart Disease
Due to the combination of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and fiber, chia seeds can help prevent heart disease. Heart disease has always been, and will always be, one of the number one causes of death in the United States. Anything we can do to lower that risk is obviously a positive.


Now, keep in mind that while I recommend a lot of potential food additions here and there, many of them have similar benefits. So, when you look at this and other articles you can find which foods work best for you and add those ones to your diet. Chia seeds are supremely easy for me right now, as I make a post-workout smoothie just about every day, and a tablespoon of chia seeds goes in every one. Simple, and better than putting one of my other suggestions like turmeric or ginger in there, because that would probably throw off the taste quite a bit. But when I make chicken, there’s a good chance some ginger might be used. Or, when I make scrambled eggs, I’m probably throwing in some turmeric. So again, find what you like and what’s easy and use that to your advantage.

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