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Entertainment of the Week: April 8th – 14th

NBA Game of the Week: 76ers at Heat
The Dwyane Wade farewell tour has been an emotional ride for Miami Heat fans, as well as fans of NBA basketball. However, it may not be ending before one last playoff run. Miami has a chance to make it into the postseason as an 8th seed. To do so, they’ll have to go through the 3rd seeded Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers need to play some solid basketball going into the postseason, so don’t expect them to roll over. Miami’s season is on the line so they’ll be ready to roll at home. Tune in Tuesday, April 9th 7:30 pm.


NHL Game of the Week: Blue Jackets at Lightning
If you’re a Tampa Bay fan, you know how incredible a season you witnessed this year. However, hockey is rarely nationally televised so other fans around the country now get a chance to see other teams’ games, which is exciting. Tampa Bay had one of the best seasons of all time, and Nikita Kucherov is arguably the most exciting player in the NHL this year. If you can, tune in at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 10th on USA to watch this special team. Blue Jackets are solid too.



Premier League Game of the Week: Chelsea at Liverpool
The Premier League title comes down to Liverpool against Manchester City. Liverpool currently are in first but have one more game played, so assuming that City wins their easy matchup, Liverpool will be 1 point down. So, they really can’t afford to lose, or even draw, against a Chelsea team that’s in fairly good form lately. Chelsea is 3rd in the league now and it’s a close battle amongst teams 3-6 so a loss could put them down a few spots. Tune in Sunday, April 14th at 12:30 pm on NBC Sports for this clash.


Weekly Movie Recommendation: Hellboy
This is a half-hearted recommendation because no movies really matter this month besides Avengers: Endgame. That being said I liked the last Hellboy (the original, not the sequel), and I like ACTOR (Stranger Things). So, if you feel the need to make a theater visit this weekend and are into action movies, Hellboy may be a good option.

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