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Entertainment of the Week: April 9th – 15th

NBA Game of the Week: Bucks at 76ers
Alright so playoffs are starting soon but there are still a few games left in the regular season. One of the great stories this year is that of the Philadelphia 76ers, who went from years of obscurity and promises of “trust the process” to finally seeing the process come to fruition. The Sixers have reached 50 wins and have the 3rd seed in their hands if they win the rest of their games. The Hawks should be a relatively easy game, but the final game of the season again the Bucks should be hard fought. The Cavaliers play the Knicks twice, which should be two wins, and own the tie-breaker with the Sixers. So these last two games are must wins if Philly wants to lock up that 3rd seed and avoid playing the Cavs or the Raptors until the conference final. Tune in to ESPN on Wednesday, April 11th at 8 pm.


Premier League Game of the Week: Manchester City at Tottenham
First I’d like to point out, as usual, that I nailed last week’s pick for game of the week by picking the Manchester Derby. Man City, with the ability to clinch the Premier League, had a 2-0 lead before United staged a brilliant second half comeback to postpone their title. Moving into this week. Manchester City cannot clinch, but Tottenham can delay City’s hopes even further by handing them another loss. Tottenham are also trying to make a push for second place in the Premier League, so I’d expect top form from them at home. Finally, City may be eliminated from the Champion’s League mid-week, so I’d expect if they do they will focus hard on a win Saturday. Tune in to NBC Sports Saturday, April 14th at 2:45 pm.


NHL Game of the Week: Flyers at Penguins
Again I have to point out that I predicted the final game of the season between the Blues and Avalanche last week to be a “win and you’re in” situation for one team to get into the playoffs and one to go home. Hopefully these first games of the 2018 NHL Playoffs are just as exciting. My pick for the most exciting first game is the all-Pennsylvania match-up. I’ve mentioned the great rivalry between these two teams before, and I think the first game will set the tone for the series. Flyers are oddly incredible at the Penguins home ice, but Pittsburgh has beaten Philly every game this year. Tune in to NBC Sports at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 11th.



MLB Game of the Week: Yankees at Red Sox
I expect this to be a fun game to watch, regardless of who wins, because of all the possibilities that can happen in this amazing rivalry. We have the Red Sox off to their hottest start in franchise history at 8-1. We have Giancarlo Stanton’s first Sox/Yanks game as a Yankee. Despite his strikeout struggles it will be great to see what he does in this rivalry debut. We have Severino facing off against Sale, so pitching should be phenomenal. All the ingredients to a great game are there. All we can hope for is that the game lives up to its potential. Tune in to ESPN at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, April 10th.


Recommendation of the Week: A Quiet Place
Everyone I know that has seen this movie has been nothing short of impressed. I rarely see horror movies in theaters but I’m pretty tempted to go see A Quiet Place because I love the concept. Essentially a family is living in a secluded area where any sound they make leads to unknown creatures hunting them down. They’ve had to learn sign language as well as how to muffle all of their sounds and movements, even using sand to walk on throughout the house to move silently. John Krasinski wrote and directed the film, and stars alongside his wife Emily Blunt. If you’re looking for an intense thriller, grab some friends and go see A Quiet Place this weekend.

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