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Entertainment of the Week: February 25th – March 3rd

NBA Game of the Week: 76ers at Thunder
I’m not sure why this matchup has become some sort of out of conference rivalry, but for whatever reason, these teams seem to become very animated when they play one another. It has become well known that Sixers star center Joel Embiid and OKC’s Russel Westbrook do not get along, and you can pretty much count on some chippiness and hard fouls when they step on the court together. I expect emotions to be on display when these teams face off at 8 pm on TNT this Thursday, February 28th.


NHL Game of the Week: Flames at Islanders
I have to admit that The Islanders sliding into 3rd place in the East, and the top of the Metropolitan Division, has been a huge surprise to me. Despite losing their best player this off season in Tavares, the Islanders are playing some very solid hockey. Calgary is doing the same, and have the top spot in the Western Conference to show for it. Calgary’s high-flying offense will look to break down NY’s solid defense. Tune in Tuesday, February 26th at 7 pm for this one.


Premier League Game of the Week: Tottenham at Chelsea
Any time to London teams face off you’re bound to get a good game, and this specific matchup is clearly no exception. Chelsea and Tottenham have produced inconsistent results over the past few years, each team being responsible for strong wins and equally disappointing losses. Chelsea have the advantage of being at home, but have the disadvantage of being in the news for all the wrong reasons over the past few weeks (coaching issues, transfer bans, etc.). We will see if they can rally to give their fans a win this Wednesday, February 27th at 3 pm on NBC Sports.


Weekly Movie Recommendation: Apollo 11
Apollo 11 is a documentary that includes never before seen footage, in vibrant color, of the Apollo 11 space expedition. For all you NASA buffs out there, or for you conspiracy theorists that deny the moon landing (and probably think the Earth is flat as well), this is your chance to see new and old information brought to life on the big screen. Give it a go and let me know what you think!


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