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Entertainment of the Week: January 11th – 17th

NFL: Buccaneers at Saints
The Saints have dispatched the Buccaneers twice this year in the regular season, including an absolute thrashing 38-3 in week 9. That being said, it’s very difficult to beat another playoff team 3 times in a year’s span. Plus, this is playoff Tom Brady we’re talking about. Brady and Brees will be in the conversation for top QBs of all time for years to come, so watching another bout between the two veteran quarterbacks is always a treat. I expect this one to be closer than the first two contests. Brady and Brees are known for fourth quarter, final drive victories, so I’m hoping for a tight game in the final few minutes with both quarterbacks getting late chances to go ahead. Brees hasn’t been looking quite himself lately, and Brady has been peak Brady, so if I were to guess on this one I’d go for a Buccaneers win. Also here’s a crazy statistic for you. Tom Brady has been in 9 Super Bowls (6 wins, 3 losses). He has also played only 9 away playoff games (5 wins, 4 losses). That seems crazy to me but it makes sense as the Patriots were almost always a top-seeded team. Anyway, tune in Sunday, January 17th at 6:40 pm.


NBA: Pelicans at Lakers
It’s still early in the season for the NBA so I’m focusing less on overall records and more on games that I think will be fun to watch. Veterans versus youth will be on display in this one, as Lebron James and Anthony Davis take on Zion Williamson, Lonzo Ball, and Brandon Ingram. A handful of games have been postponed recently due to Covid seemingly running rampant through NBA rosters, but if we are able to squeeze this game in I expect a fun contest full of plenty of dunks and big plays. Could be a blowout favoring the Lakers at home, but I’m going to hope for a tight contest with a big game from Zion to keep it close. Check this one out Friday, January 15th at 10 pm.


NHL: Penguins at Flyers
The NHL is back and with it comes one of the best rivalries in the league, Penguins versus Flyers. The resurgence of Philadelphia’s side led by rising star goaltender Carter Hart brings exciting expectations to the 2021 season. Pittsburgh on the other hand is pretty much always solid, led by arguably the best player of his generation, Sidney Crosby. These teams despise each other, so you can most likely expect plenty of chippy play and perhaps a fight or two. You can definitely expect two teams playing their hearts out to get this win and prove who the best Pennsylvania team is going into this season. There is no in-person attendance, but fortunately that doesn’t apply to enjoying this game from the comfort of your couch at home. No masks required! Watch this division rivalry Wednesday, January 13th at 5:30 pm.


Premier League: Manchester United at Liverpool
In what we’ve come to expect from two of the most famous clubs in the Premier League, Manchester United and Liverpool currently sit at the top of the table moving into the 2021 portion of the Premier League season. Tied at 33 points, Liverpool areĀ technically in first place due to goal differential, but Man U actually have a game in hand so a win or a draw would put them at a positional advantage over their rivals at Liverpool. To do this though they’ll have to pick up points at Anfield, where Liverpool have obviously done very well this season at home. As I usually predict and am often correct in my predictions, I’m calling for a 1 goal win in this one. I’d have to lean towards Liverpool, as I do think they are overall the better side here. I’m hoping for a draw though so Leicester and Tottenham can pick up some points and make the season even more competitive than it is already turning out to be. Catch this matchup Sunday, January 17th at 11:30 am.


Netflix Movie of the Week: Enola Holmes
A spin-off of sorts of the classic Sherlock Holmes cinematic adventures, Enola Holmes explores the normal protagonist’s younger sister. Clearly a genius and trained combat specialist as well, Enola is played by Netflix fan-favorite from Stranger Things, Millie Bobby-Brown. The Netflix Original Movie looks fun at first glance, and I’m excited to give it a try. Sherlock makes an appearance in the movie as well and is played by one of my favorite actors and possibly the most classically handsome man in Hollywood, Henry Cavill. Cavill is most well known for his portrayal of Superman and as The Witcher, another Netflix original series. I’ve heard some initial good things so I’ll give it a go this weekend and see how I feel. Try Enola Holmes this week and comment your thoughts!

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