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Entertainment of the Week: January 25th -31st

NFL: Superbowl LV, Chiefs vs Buccaneers
I know this isn’t until the following week but since there is no worthwhile football until then I’m including it this week. Tom Brady once again finds his way in the Super Bowl despite being on a new team in a new conference. He’s now won the NFC Championship the same number of times as Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. All of the haters that have been saying for years that Brady was only successful because the Patriots were in such an easy division can eat their words. If Brady Wins this year he will have gone through three unbelievable quarterbacks to do so. Honestly what he’s doing is incredible. If you have a few minutes check out this article on Barstool’s website that just goes through ridiculous stat after ridiculous stat about how insane his success has been. The man has more wins after the age of 40 than most of the best quarterbacks of all time do in their whole careers. Dude is an absolute animal and the unquestionable GOAT. Anyways the Chiefs are there too in perhaps the easiest season I’ve ever witnessed for a team. They’ve basically just cruise-controlled to the Super Bowl and will look to make it a second straight. Tune in Sunday, February 7th at 6:30 pm for hopefully a great game and some great commercials.

NBA: LakersĀ  at Celtics
I’ll be honest I’m not super excited about NBA matchups this week. I’m going with Lakers at Celtics because they are two of the most successful franchises in NBA history and both teams are pretty good this year. Lebron is being Lebron. Jayson Tatum is still super fun to watch. I don’t know. I don’t have much else to say the NBA season is young and the Lakers look like the best team once again. We’ll see if the Celtics can show up at home and take them down. Tune in to this matchup Saturday, January 30th at 8:30 pm.


NHL: Blues at Golden Knights
Two good teams. Blues vs Golden Knights. It’s late and this is the last game I’m writing about and want to go to bed. Like the NBA nothing in the NHL really stands out this week. Tune in Tuesday, January 26th at 9 pm for this one.



Premier League: Liverpool at Tottenham

Liverpool and Tottenham. What can I say besides they are both absolutely struggling as of late. While other teams are clawing tooth and nail to be in the top 4 these two teams seem to be playing some of their worst soccer in recent memory and just sliding down the table. I mean yes technically they are 4th and 5th and that’s not too bad. But, there are a lot of teams that haven’t gotten to their 19 games left (Tottenham included) so after everyone has played the same amount, depending on how games go, they could realistically be 6th and 7th at worst. So, this is a must win to stay in contention I’d say at the halfway point. It would take a lot of poor play from better teams to catch up if one of these teams comes out of the game without the full 3 points. Tottenham at home would normally seem safe but they are struggling against teams that play home games in the middle of random neighborhoods (seriously). Check this one out Thursday, January 28th at 3 pm.

Netflix Movie of the Week: Lockout
Lockout is a fun science-fiction movie starring Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace, and Vincent Regan. The plot is kind of ridiculous sounding but Pearce is very funny and the movie has solid effects and filming so I promise it’s better than I’ll describe it. Essentially sometime in the future we have a maximum security prison…in space. So we’re shipping all these bad dudes out to a space station which I mean if you think about it is pretty smart cuz they can’t really escape. In the film, the President’s daughter decides to make some good will visit out to this station and of course, huge issues happen and all of these high-security prisoners escape and want to take her hostage. The government decides to send some sarcastic badass that has a life sentence for some reason and strikes a deal to cancel his sentence if he rescues her. Pearce reluctantly accepts and kind of just begrudgingly goes through the whole mission from start to finish in an annoyed manner that I find to be very funny. We’re not talking about an Oscar-winning film, but it’s definitely a fun movie. Check this out on Netflix and let me know what you think!

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