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Entertainment of the Week: March 12th to 18th

Game of the Week: Pacers at Wizards
I like the Indiana Pacers coming into Washington to play the Wizards for this weeks game of the week. I like it because the Eastern Conference playoff race is completely up for grabs for seeds 3 through 8. Currently, the 3 seed, the Pacers, are separated from the 8 seed, the Bucks, by only 3.5 games (as of Monday, March 12th). The Wizards are 1 game back from the Pacers at the 5th seed. That means every game played between any of these teams is immensely important, and this one is no exception. The Pacers have been a surprise for me this year, with Victor Oladipo proving that he can be the number one option of a franchise. The Wizards are without their star player John Wall, but can still shoot the lights out with the likes of Beal, Porter, Morris, and Oubre. This should be a fun one. Tune in Saturday, March 17th at 7:00 pm.


NHL Game of the Week: Wild at Golden Knights
I can’t get enough of this Las Vegas Golden Knights story. They’re probably already the best expansion team in sports history. I haven’t fact checked that statement with other sports (I’m feeling a bit lazy this morning), but in hockey they already exceeded the most wins of any expansion franchise, and they did so about 3/5 of the way into the season. With veteran goaltender Marc Andre Fleury at the helm, there’s no reason this team can’t continue to be towards the top of the west and make a nice playoff run with a shot at the Stanley Cup. Minnesota, on the other hand, is led by a series of veterans like Koivu and Parise, and sit comfortably in 4th in the West. Two good teams should equal one great game. Tune in to Fox Sports at 10:30 pm on Friday, March 16th.



Premier League Game of the Week: Everton at Stoke City
This is an odd recommendation, because Everton currently sits at 9th in the Premier League, and Stoke sit at 19th. Hear me out though. First of all, each team is playing much worse than they should be. Everton have always had good players and inexplicably can’t put a solid season together from start to finish. Stoke also have no business being as low in the table as they are, mostly due to some pretty poor defending. That being said, both teams know they need to step it up going into the last part of the season. Stoke have to get out of relegation, so every game is desperation for them. Everton want to be seen as a team with potential to compete with the top teams. I predict this game will be full of goals, as teams with decent but inconsistent offense go against each other’s less than quality defense. Tune in to NBC Sports at 11:00 am on Saturday, March 17th.


Recommendation of the Week: Red Sparrow
The Influential Gentleman movie of the week is Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence. I’m going to be straight with you. I still cannot figure out how I feel about Jennifer Lawrence as an actress. Some movies she is amazing in, and others I feel like she’s trolling the world with sub par acting. Either way, if her name is on the poster, it’s generally a hit movie. Red Sparrow follows Lawrence as a ballerina that gets recruited to a Russian intelligence agency where she is trained to become a living weapon. She is then forced to target a CIA agent, with implications that completing her mission will have huge consequences for both Russia and the United States. I’ll definitely see it because the concept interests me. Hopefully it helps with my years-long debate on whether or not I’m a fan of Jennifer.

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