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Entertainment of the Week: March 15th – 21st

NBA: Hornets at Lakers
The Hornets are my “fun to watch” team of 2021. Lamelo Ball is shattering expectations and performing at a high level despite probably 80% of  NBA fans wanting him to fail because of the controversy surrounding his family. Gordon Hayward is having a great season as well, which is a nice comeback story after some rough injuries. This team just looks like they have a ton of fun while playing together, and I legitimately enjoy watching them. The Lakers, on the other hand, are just very good. Lebron is Lebron, and this team will undoubtedly go at the very least to the Western Conference final. I’d like to see how the Hornets attack the Lakers, knowing that there’s nothing to lose, and could make a nice statement with a win and show that they’re for real this year. Check out this matchup Thursday, March 18th at 10:30 pm.


NHL: Flyers at Rangers
This week is a very personal game for me, and it has nothing to do with hockey. I was driving home from the beach on Sunday, and got off of an exit close to my final destination in Philadelphia. This was the first time I’ve ever taken this route, and I was a bit overwhelmed with the quick lane changes and sign reading that I needed to do in order to get off at the right exits. I found myself in a right lane when I needed to be in a left lane. I tried to move over but at the same time a lunatic driver in a Ford F150 with a New York Rangers bumper sticker flew into that lane and laid on the horn so I wouldn’t change lanes into the one he had just swerved into going 60 mph. I ended up missing my exit and getting off in the right lane that I was stuck in. He also got off at that exit and it happened that we were right next to each other at a stop light. He yelled at me so I rolled down the window. He said I shouldn’t drive and look at my phone, to which I pointed at my phone on the dashboard giving me directions. He said “oh so you’re just driving like an idiot for no reason?” I calmly said that I was unfamiliar with the roads and wished him a pleasant day. He didn’t love that. Either way this guy had a New York Rangers bumper sticker and PA plates so not only is he a jerk but he’s a traitor to his city as well. So go Flyers and screw that guy. Tune in for this matchup Wednesday, March 17th at 7:30 pm, and let’s all enjoy a Flyers win knowing that F150 jerk brah will be upset about it.

Premier League: Newcastle at Brighton
This is an off week in the Premier League but fortunately there are some makeup games so we can still choose a game of the week. Unfortunately, the games are all kind of unexciting. The best of the available games, in my opinion, will be Newcastle vs Brighton. While I normally pick teams that are in contention for top 4 positions, this week we’re, by necessity, going with a game that has relegation implications. For those of you unfamiliar with relegation, European soccer leagues penalize coming in one of the last 3 positions in the league by relegating you, or kicking you out, into the lower division. Similarly, the three best teams from the lower division get promoted to the division above. This is one of the greatest concepts in soccer that is missing from other sports. You should be penalized for being trash, not rewarded with draft picks like in American sports. Either way, these two teams are on the bubble for relegation, currently the 4th and 5th worst teams in the league. A loss here could see them in a bottom 3 position if Fulham wins this weekend. Either way, this should be a hard-fought battle to avoid being closer to demotion. Check this game out Saturday, March 20th at 4:00 pm.


Netflix Movie of the Week: The Old Guard
The Old Guard is a gritty action movie starring Charlize Theron. Charlize leads a team of immortals who have been working together for generations behind the scenes, shaping the history of the world with key assassinations or assisting in war efforts. Unfortunately after hundreds of years doing their solemn duty, someone has caught on to their identities. The film follows these immortals as they navigate saving the world, training new members, and keeping themselves out of the hands of those that would try to use their powers for their own gain. The Old Guard is a Netflix original, and those movies can often be hit or misses. However, every Netflix original I’ve seen that has the budget for big-time, A list actors has been great. This one is no exception to that, As Theron carries this film with her often-seen badass persona. Check out The Old Guard this week and let me know what you think!

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