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Entertainment of the Week: March 22nd – 28th

NBA: Nets at Pistons
I’m all about the first game that a player who has recently been traded plays against their former team. I haven’t done a lot of research on whether or not there was bad blood with Blake Griffin when he was traded from the Pistons to the Nets, but I can’t imagine they’ll be happy to see him join a team that now has a great chance at immediately winning a championship. Blake is obviously feeling good about it. I would bet that the Nets are going to absolutely destroy the Pistons, but who knows. Check out this matchup Friday, March 26th at 7 pm.




NHL: Oilers at Maple Leafs
It’s hard for me to keep coming up with NHL games of the week because the NHL is just playing the same teams over and over again based on the divisions they’re in. So have I suggested Oilers and Maple Leafs before? Probably. Will I suggest it again? Maybe. Who knows. But this matchup has some of the best players in the NHL so it should be a good one. McDavid is the best player in the NHL and for me it’s not super close. At 60 points he has 10 more points than the second highest point scorer. Who is that 2nd player? His teammate, Leon Draisaitl. Auston Matthews, on the other hand and on the other bench, is one of the hottest scorers right now and has been on a killer points streak. Despite some solid goaltending, I expect at least 6 goals in this game. Check it out Saturday, March 27th at 7 pm.



Premier League: None
No games now check back in next week.


Netflix Recommendation: 6 Underground
I’m going to continue the theme of Netflix originals to another one of my favorites. 6 Underground follows a group of individuals, organized by Ryan Reynolds, that have themselves legally declared dead so that they can operate outside of the law to take down a dictator. I like the concept, and it’s got some solid actors. Although, kind of like our last suggested movie, The Old Guard, the newest member of he secretive group immediately tries to make changes and questions the way things are done and that just pisses me off. But regardless, this movie is good and Ryan Reynolds brings his normal sarcastic charm to bring the laughs throughout the Michael Bay-directed action movie. It’s rated R for some violence and language so keep that in mind. Check it out this weekend and let me know what you think!

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