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Entertainment of the Week: November 18th – 24th

NFL Game of the Week: Packers at 49ers
This is a huge game between two of the top teams in the NFC, and two teams that I really don’t like. Regardless of the latter sentiment, both are positioned well to fight for home field advantage and a first round playoff bye. The 49ers are 9-1, the Packers are 8-2. This game is especially significant for the 49ers, because they are barely ahead of the Seahawks in their division at 8-2. The Seahawks should take care of business against the Eagles on Sunday, which means that a loss for the 49ers would put Seattle ahead of them because of their head to head loss to the Seahawks earlier this season. I actually would like to see the 49ers take this one, as my distaste for Aaron Rodgers outweighs my confusion at how the 49ers are so good. If you can stay up for the late game, do it. Kick-off is Sunday at 8:20 pm



NBA Game of the Week: Celtics at Nuggets
The Nuggets are an interesting team to me. At this point I think most people would agree that you need superstars to win championships in the NBA. Heck, you may even need more than one at this point with the super teams that keep forming. However, the Nuggets consistently find themselves towards the top of the Western Conference, and are off to a very solid start this year at 9-3. They’ve done this with no real superstar. They have very good players (think Jokic and Millsap), but no one that is a perennial all star or top 15 NBA player. The Celtics, on the other hand, are exceeding expectations, even with the injury to Gordon Hayward. Kemba, probably fueled by being on national television for the first time in his career, seems to be thriving in a big market city. The Celtics young core, led by Tatum and Brown, are also putting together a nice start to the season. I expect a very good game this week. Tune in Friday at 9 pm.



NHL Game of the Week: Oilers at Coyotes
These two teams currently sit at number 1 (Oilers) and 2 (Coyotes) in the Western Conference Pacific Division, and are separated by only 1 point. I’ve said before how exciting the Oilers are. They have the top point scorer in the NHL in Draisaitl, and the consensus best player in the NHL in McDavid. Their position at the top of the Western Conference is no surprise. Arizona, on the other hand, have been pretty terrible for a long time. I’m sure Arizona fans (there must be at least a handful in the state) are thrilled to see their team competing once again. I’m looking for goals in this one. Tune in Sunday at 8 pm to see this showdown.


Premier League Game of the Week: Chelsea at Manchester City
I’ve given up picking Liverpool games because they either crush the team that they play, or get lucky and take advantage of VAR in order to squeak out a late winner. So we’re just giving them the Premier League title now and looking elsewhere for fun narratives. Chelsea and Manchester City are both top 4 right now (3rd and 4th), separated by only a point. And, for the American soccer fans out there, wonderkid Christian Pulisic is getting his chance to shine for Chelsea and has surprisingly been producing pretty regularly as of late. If I know anything about American soccer players, this hype will not last, so get it while it’s hot. Saturday at 12:30 pm is when you can catch this one.



Movie Recommendation: Frozen 2
If “Let it Go” isn’t one of your top 5 Disney songs of all time I don’t know what to say to you, except that you’re wrong. I remember watching the first Frozen slightly hungover with my two equally hungover roommates on a Saturday morning. After looking at each other like “sure I guess I’d be down to watch this” we realized this was an instant classic. That being said, sequels are a HUGE hit or miss in the Disney world. Mainly misses. But once in a while a great one comes along (think Toy Story 2), so I’m optimistic that this can be that diamond in the rough (that’s a freebie) as well. Check it out this weekend and let me know what you think! Frozen 2 opens Friday, November 22nd.

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