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Entertainment of the Week: October 14th – 20th

NFL Game of the Week: Eagles at Cowboys
Both of these teams put in sub-par performances last week, and remain at the top of the NFC East with 3-3 records. This game will determine who takes early control of the NFC East. The Eagles laughable secondary continues to be its biggest issue, while the Cowboys injury to Amari Cooper may be a significant hindrance to taking advantage of the Eagles backs. Tune in at 8:20 pm on Sunday to see who takes sole leadership of the NFC East.



MLB Series of the Week: Yankees v Astros
After each winning a game in Houston, The Astros and Yankees head to New York for games 3, 4, and 5 ( I never liked how the MLB uses a 2-3-2 series format but here we are). Game 1 was dominated by the Yankees, Game 2 had a heroic finish for the Astros. It looks like we are in for an incredible series, one which I believe will determine the future 2019 World Series champion. The week’s games are as follows: Tuesday at 4:08 pm, Wednesday at 8:08 pm, Thursday at 8:08 pm, Saturday (if necessary) at 4:08 pm, and Sunday (if necessary) at 7:38 pm.



Premier League Game of the Week: Liverpool at Manchester United
This season has been an absolute disaster for Manchester United. The Red Devils have only achieved 9 points through 8 games, and are sitting in 12th place in the Premier League standings. Liverpool, on the other hand, continue their dominance week after week, having won each of their 8 games. This could be the last chance for Manchester United to make a statement and gain some momentum, and they’ll have the chance to do it at home at Old Trafford. Tune in Sunday at 11:30 am for this one.


Movie Recommendation: Zombieland – Double Tap
I haven’t found anyone that didn’t enjoy the first Zombieland, a comedic view at a lighter side to a zombie apocalypse. Harrelson, Eisenberg, Stone, and Breslin are all back to reprise their characters, and we get a handful of solid new actors/actresses in the mix. Hopefully this isn’t the case where a forced sequel steps on the success of its predecessor. I’m confident that at worst it’ll be a solid hour and a half of decent comedy. Check it out! Zombieland: Double Tap opens this Friday, the 18th.

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