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Entertainment of the Week: October 18th – 24th

NFL: Lions at Rams
This may be a surprising pick considering the Rams are widely considered a Super Bowl contender and the Lions are widely considered as the worst team in the NFL. However, if you recall, these two teams swapped quarterbacks this year. Only a few years after going to the Super Bowl, the Rams basically told Jared Goff that he was not good enough to lead their team by trading him away to the Lions and getting Matthew Stafford instead. Now does that suck for Jared Goff? Yes. Imagine being on a top NFL team and living in Los Angeles, then one day waking up and finding out you’re being shipped off to the worst team in the NFL that is also based in Detroit. I’m sure he could talk to Blake Griffin for some guidance. Was it the right call? We’ll see at the end of the year. Meanwhile imagine Matt Stafford waking up and finding out he’s escaped the Lions franchise and he gets to go to sunny Los Angeles and try to win a Super Bowl right away. Now…on Sunday they get to play. I can only imagine the emotions for Jared Goff, returning to LA a few days after his coach basically said he isn’t doing enough on the field. If he isn’t fired up for this one then nothing will ever motivate him. I’m expecting a big game from Goff. I also still expect the Rams to win easily. Check this one out Sunday, October 24th at 4:05 pm.


NBA: Nets at Sixers
The Nets already started their season getting put in their place by the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks. This should mean that they’ll want to come out especially hard against the Sixers and try to convince the world that they’re still a favorite to come out of the East. My favorite piece about this matchup is the controversy around both point guards. Ben Simmons career is slowly becoming a dumpster fire. No one wants him, Sixers apparently can’t get rid of him, yet he still thinks he doesn’t have to practice free throws or three pointers and can coast on being 6’10”. If only we could all believe in ourselves the way Ben Simmons believes in his abilities. Kyrie Irving, on the other hand, is essentially refusing to play because he doesn’t want to get the vaccine. This is tough for me to grasp and to formulate an opinion on. On one hand, I agree with Kyrie that he shouldn’t have to be forced to get something he doesn’t believe in. However, he also believes the Earth is flat. So at the end of the day I can’t tell which side of the vaccine debate gets a win. Either way, I’d like to see the Sixers take this at home. Tune in Friday, October 22nd at 7:30 pm for this contest.


Premier League: Liverpool at Manchester United
Right now Manchester United are severely underperforming. This sucks, to be honest, because most soccer fans wanted to see Cristiano Ronaldo come home to Manchester United and just take over the league and start scoring goals left and right. While he started off incredibly hot, Man U now have 2 losses and a tie in their last 3 games. On top of that they’re in the middle of a pretty tough stretch in their schedule, and face a Liverpool side that are the only club that is yet to lose this season. Back in the day under Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United at home at Old Trafford was all but a lock for a win. I’m sure Sir Alex will be in the stands cheering his boy Cristiano on this weekend so hopefully Manchester United can figure out a way to come out on top. I’m not sure I believe that they will, but I’m definitely rooting for a big win and maybe a Cristiano hat trick on the side. Watch this matchup Sunday, October 24th at 11:30 am.


Netflix Movie of the Week: Wind River
Recommending Wind River as a Netflix recommendation of the week is interesting for me personally for two reasons. First, my keyboard for some reason won’t capitalize “w” so I have to copy/paste a capital “W” every time if it doesn’t autocorrect. So that’s fun. Second, I actually rented the movie at a Red Box before realizing days later that it was on Netflix. Anyway, Wind River stars Marvel alums Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olson, two solid actors with great chemistry. The tale follows Renner’s character, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent, and Olson’s character, an FBI agent, as they attempt to uncover the details of a homicide on a Native American reservation in the heart of Wyoming. The movie is pretty intense, so if that’s not your bag then maybe skip this recommendation. However, it’s well written and definitely captivating. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

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