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Entertainment of the Week: October 21st – 27th

NFL Game of the Week: Panthers at 49ers
The battle of the undefeated. Obviously the Panthers are not undefeated, but you know who is? Kyle Allen. Kyle Allen just broke Kurt Warner’s record for the most consecutive wins to start a career (5) by an undrafted quarterback. Pretty impressive. Meanwhile, the Niners continue to make me look like an idiot amongst my friends by winning every game despite my taunts of how they are not that good and how Jimmy G is overrated. So yes, I’ll be rooting heavily for the Panthers in this matchup, even though I’ll be playing against Christian McCaffrey in fantasy football. We’ll see if the 49ers or Kyle Allen lose that undefeated record. Tune in Sunday, October 27th at 4:05 pm.



MLB Series of the Week: Nationals vs Astros (World Series)
We’re finally down to the final 2 teams in baseball as the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros square off in the 2019 World Series. After devastating Yankees fans everywhere, including myself, the Astros are poised to take their ridiculous pitching rotation into this best of 7. The Nationals have been kind of a surprise, especially considering they beat the strongest team in the NL (Dodgers) and then obliterated the Cardinals. Also, I think it’ll be kind of hilarious if they win the World Series the year after losing Bryce Harper. Can’t really think of a more ideal story for the millions of people, including many MLB players, that think Harper is overrated. The 2019 World Series starts up Tuesday at 8:08 pm in Houston, where the Nationals will look to hand Cole his first loss since May, which is still just insane.



Premier League Game of the Week: Tottenham at Liverpool
All of the big club matchups the last few weeks seem to involve Liverpool, who are coming off a disappointing tie, their first non-win of the season, with Manchester United. Tottenham have just been hysterically bad as of late, dropping points against some terrible teams and leaving fans in complete meltdown. And yet FIFA had the audacity to put Hugo Lloris on the 30-man list for the Ballon d’or, the award for the best player in the world. If Tottenham can play their best soccer then we could see a very good game. However, if they play how they have been then I expect Liverpool, coming off a tie and in front of their home crowd, to obliterate and embarrass them. Find out which Tottenham come to play Sunday, October 27th at 12:30 pm.


Movie Recommendation: Maleficent – Mistress of Evil
It’s been too long since I’ve recommended a nice family film, so I’ll take the opportunity to do that this week. I kind of enjoyed the first Maleficent. Some horns and crazy cheek bones aren’t enough for me to not want to stare at Angelina Jolie for an hour and a half or so. Obviously based off of the classic Sleeping Beauty, this seems to be the film where Angelina will go from a misunderstood motherly figure to the evil witch that we remember from the classic Disney film. Can Maleficent stave off the evil for a second movie? My bet is no. Check it out this weekend and let me know what you think!

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