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Entertainment of the Week: October 7th – 13th

NFL Game of the Week: 49ers at Rams
I refuse to believe the 49ers are actually as good as their record shows. I’m not sold on Jimmy Garoppolo, I don’t think they have true offensive weapons, and they really haven’t played any good teams. The Rams have been one of the top teams for a couple years now, so San Francisco has the opportunity to shut haters like me up with a win this Sunday. However, I think Aaron Donald and the Rams pass rush will overwhelm Jimmy and order will be restored to the universe. We will see. Tune in Sunday at 4:25 for this one.



MLB Game of the Week: Yankees vs Astros/Rays

The Yankees did exactly what was expected and easily swept the Twins. Honestly they may never lose to the Twins in post season play again. The series is surprisingly tied 2-2 as I type this, but I assume the Astros will be who the Yankees face off against on Saturday. If that’s the case, then I believe that series will determine who wins the World Series. If the Rays somehow come back against the Astros, then they may just be the team of destiny. Tune in Saturday for the first game of the ALCS.



Premier League Game of the Week: None — International Break


Movie Recommendation: Joker
I’m recommending this movie a second week in a row. I’ve heard it’s that good. Someone even had the audacity to tell me that Joaquin Phoenix was better than Heath Ledger. While that is obviously blasphemous, I will be seeing it this weekend  nonetheless. I suggest you do too.

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