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February Drink of the Month: 75 Roses

Now if you know me you know that I usually keep drinks of the month very simple. I get annoyed when I see a cool drink that I can “easily make myself” and there are like 13 ingredients and I have to spend money and time to turn it into a reality. So I try to ACTUALLY recommend simple drinks with ingredients that you probably already have at your house.

So…this time we’re not doing that. There’s a reason though. The month of February is home to the most romantic of holidays: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s day is when we show our significant others how much we care about them through gimmicky gifts and romantic gestures. For that reason we’ve decided on a drink that takes a little bit of effort. Don’t worry! You can absolutely share the recipe with your significant other afterwards to show them just how much effort it took to make this romantic drink.

This is also a special month for us at Influential Gentleman, because we’ve brought on a new member to the team: The Influential Gentleman Mixologist, Andrew. He’s going to be taking over the reigns of our drink of the month moving forward. I can assure you his knowledge of cocktails vastly exceeds my own, so we’re all going to benefit from his expertise.

Now, what is the 75 Roses drink? Andrew brilliantly derived this idea from the classic cocktail, the French 75. He’s tweaked the ingredients in order to fit the Valentine’s theme, making sure the color of the drink itself is in line with the holiday. So without further adieu, I present to you the February Drink of the Month, and the debut cocktail brainchild of the new Influential Gentleman Mixologist Andrew, the 75 Roses.

-Your favorite sparkling Rosé
-Your favorite Gin
-Fresh Strawberries

-Make a simple syrup solution by combining water, sugar, and strawberries and bringing to a boil.
-Strain out solids
-In a tall glass with ice, combine 2 parts gin, 3 parts sparkling Rosé, and 2 parts strawberry simple syrup. If you want the gin to be a little more pronounced you can do 2 parts gin, 2 parts Rosé, 1.5 parts strawberry simple syrup.
-Squeeze in a touch of lime juice and stir
-Garnish with a lime wedge if desired

Fancy right? It’s nice to mix it up with a fancy cocktail here and there so every few months you can definitely expect a concoction of a bit more quality. I personally made and tried this last night and I must say, it’s solid. Andrew killed it.

So put in a little effort this Valentine’s day and show your significant other that you think they’re worth the extra effort. And if you’re single, tell yourself that you’re worth it and treat yourself to a fancy drink, because you deserve it too!

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