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January Drink of the Month: The Gentleman’s Mai Tai

2021 is here and with that comes Influential Gentleman’s first Drink of the Month: the Gentleman’s Mai Tai. We’re going with this fun island drink for two reasons. First, we want to kick off the new year with good vibes, and fruity rum drinks are 100% the go-to for what we’re looking for. In February we can go back to a classic wintery warm cocktail, but for January we’re going to have some fun. Second, Mai Tais are fresh on my mind because I had probably 30 of them during my Jamaican vacation last month and I want to share some of that enjoyment with all of you.

Now the Mai Tai is one of those drinks where there are a fair amount of ways to make it. You may see my ingredients and think that something is missing. However, I consider myself a bit of a Mai Tai expert, having been to both Jamaica and Cuba in the past 18 months and partaken in my fair share of this delicious drink. The one ingredient that many put in is grenadine. Too much grenadine in a drink will overpower the cocktail and ruin it. Too much grenadine in an evening will leave you with a nice headache. So we’re skipping out on grenadine and using a version that you can enjoy plenty of without the negative consequences. For the Gentleman’s Mai Tai, I’ve taken my favorite version of the classic rum drink and tweaked the ingredient amounts to perfection.

Let’s get  into it…

Dark Rum – 1 oz.
Amaretto – 1 oz.
Pineapple Juice – 3 oz.
Orange Juice – 2 oz.
Lime Juice – 1 oz.

There’s nothing complicated about this drink. Simply pour all of these ingredients in your glass with a handful of ice and stir it up with a straw. You’ll want the straw here to give your drink that island vibe and put you in a solid vacation mood, even if you’re just making this after work in order to cope with a long day at the office. A Mai Tai is proven (don’t ask for a source or study) to alleviate stress by transporting your mind to an island in the Caribbean.

If you want to really complete the island vibe for this drink, garnish with a pineapple slice. You can also multiply the ingredients by 5 or 6 and make a nice pitcher. Today’s a Sunday so you can enjoy the last day of the NFL regular season with Mai Tais for the whole crew.

As always, drink responsibly. And as always, enjoy!

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