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Tom Brady is Absolutely Ridiculous

In my opinion, Tom Brady has been the undisputed GOAT for many years now. But after winning his 7th Super Bowl on Sunday night, anyone who argues otherwise is either incredibly low IQ or just an unreconcilable hater. Brady is approaching Gretzky territory in terms of GOAT status, with some of his stats just coming in as absurd when compared to some of the other all time great quarterbacks. Let’s get into some of my favorite stats for this legendary quarterback.

Tom Brady, in qualifying seasons, has made it to the Super Bowl more often than he has missed it. 
This is ridiculous. Some people will argue that he’s actually 10 for 21 making the Super Bowl, but it’s kind of unfair to count his rookie year where he began the season as a non-starter, or to include the season where he tore his ACL in the first quarter of the first game. So, 10 for 19. Unprecedented.  That’s more appearances than Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers COMBINED. Oh and in those 10  Super Bowl’s he’s 7 for 10. Just a reminder.

Tom Brady has played in 45 postseason games
That’s more than 21 NFL teams. Teams.

Tom Brady has more Super Bowl appearances than the Buccaneers have wins. He also has thrown more touchdown passes for the Buccaneers than any other QB in Bucs history, after only one season with the team. You think they’re happy to have picked him up?

Tom Brady is 4th all time in wins against NFC Teams. This one is kind of crazy even though he’s not the stat leader in this category. Brady only has one year playing in the NFC, but had 6 Super Bowl wins against NFC teams prior to joining the Buccaneers. Only Favre, Rodgers, and Montana have more Those three have also only won 6 Super Bowls combined to Brady’s 7, just for the record as well.

Tom Brady took a previous 7-9 team to the Super Bowl in just one season. Haters of Tom Brady love to say that he only is where he is today because of an underwhelming AFC East Division providing him with byes every year and an easier road to the playoffs. Well Brady had no bye this year, took a perennial loser of a team to the playoffs, and beat Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes on the way there. What say you now, haters?

Tom Brady is the two best quarterbacks of all time. Colin Cowherd made this quote and it’s absolutely accurate. If you split Tom’s career into two halves, 2001-2011 (we’ll call this Young Tom) and 2012-2021 (we’ll call this Old Tom), either career is most likely GOAT status. Young Tom had 3 Super Bowls, Old Tom has 4 Super Bowls. Both have 5 Super Bowl appearances, which is most all time by a QB. Young Tom has 16 playoff wins, which would be a record if Old Tom didn’t have 18 QB wins. Young Tom has a 72.7% win percentage in the playoffs, while Old Tom has a 78% win percentage. Young Tom has 16 playoff wins, which again, would be a record if it wasn’t for Old Tom’s 18 wins. Both better than any other QB in history. Yet Tom is just one man, so it’s 7 Super Bowls, 10 appearances, 34 wins in 45 games.

Undisputed GOAT.


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